Thursday, February 9, 2017

Civil War Hexagon Quilt

  It has been about a year since I tried sewing these little guys. A few weeks ago my friend suggested using a clip to help hold things together while hand sewing-since I can no longer do that with my left hand any more. And it is working well so far.
   I finished sewing up what I had already prepared to put together into the "flowers" So I decided today to choose fabrics for the four focal point flowers that will be in the middle of the quilt. In this time period and before many quilters would use fabrics dyed with turkey red as a focal point as it was more rare. So that's what I chose for the centers and then I fussy cut that motif to be as centered as possible without wasting too much fabric.
   Here are a few photos-testing out my new camera-I see I need to figure out the flash as some are a little too bright I am not so good with tech stuff so need to read the book for this one lol  photos will enlarge.


  1. Love the turkey red fabric. I had a reenactment jacket that color years ago and loved it.
    Your quilt will be beautiful.

  2. A challenging (and lovely) project!

  3. WOw you hexi garden is growing!! Okay...I found ya and will continue to follow along your crafty adventures. SMILES!


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