Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Val's Tuesday Archives-Reading

  I am not quilting as much as I was in the past so have not been participating in Val's archives, but when I saw the subject was reading and she was leaving the post up to link in til nest week, well I decided to join in the fun. Find her post here

  When I was a kid living at home my Mom encouraged us to read. We went to the library every week for new books especially in the summer or on vacation weeks from school. So I always loved reading.
  As I got older and was working full time I just didn't have the time to read, and with always so much to do I felt guilty spending the time to read when I could actually be accomplishing something.
  About a year ago I decided I am retired and although I still have allot of things that need doing, I decided to treat myself to reading again-and I love it. Like my Mom I am back to reading about our American history, but for me my choice is mostly in the 1800s or earlier. Last year I also did a huge splurge for me and bought a voyage kindle with the feature for downloading books rural with no wifi. Have not looked back and spend many a night in to the wee hours reading.

   I have shared this in my past blog so some of you may be familiar with my favorite book author now. Peggy Henderson has written quite a few books that many interlock but do stand alone of time travel-or not and set in 1800's and earlier Yellowstone-Teton era. She is such a good author that she remains my favorite still. She has a very fun and interactive author facebook page where most of the time if we are not talking about her books we are all sharing stories and photos of Yellowstone of today and the surrounding area or sometimes cowboys-lol  She has several series going and I think each series she offers the first book of the series free. Here is a link to her Amazon page Her books are romance novels but they have depth to them and in the end they feel like family. she usually has one xx scene but mostly clean romance. 
   I was looking for a good photo to share of the book cover for Yellowstone Heart Song the first book and wow over on Goodreads I discovered she had several covers in the beginning so will link you there here.  This book I have read numerous times and was the inspiration (as the rest of the series) for my first Yellowstone charm bracelet
   I think I was drawn to Peggy's Yellowstone and also Teton series' as I had always had it in my mind I would love to live a life in that time period so I guess I am by reading her books.

  The other author I am very fond of is also time travel and her books are very long-usually 500 or more pages and I love love that. Katherine Lowry Logan and her Celtic Brooch series. find her here  Her characters are very in depth too and she puts them in different time situations, very complex. My favorite one of the series was in the civil war and she has another one on the Oregon Trail I think it was. She also has an interactive author page on facebook where she bounces off plot ideas for her books.

  For historical books I am reading books on the Oregon trail books from actual diaries, civil war, and also revolutionary war time periods.

Of course I have a big collection of new spinning books too lol and too many quilt books still and lots of weaving books.

   I no longer have the opinion that reading is a waste of time-most nights it is better than anything on the tv


  1. You are so right, reading is far better than what is on TV most nights! I love reading, always have. I have five links on Val's Reading linky.

  2. Can't wait till you post about your Yellowstone trip! I just downloaded one of her books, hope to like it too. I also read at night.

  3. 'Better than anything on TV' i have to agree with you there... many times we go downstairs to watch TV in the evening and i bring my book down with me.. I still only read hardcovers and probably still will until i can no longer find doubt that day will come and it will be a sad day for me.. Currently i'am knee deep in a huge compilation of Sherlock Holmes short stories that originally appeared in the Strand magazine way back when... I'm enjoying them and read about one and half stories a night.. Reading helps me sleep... its become a ritual... I started reading as a teenager when my grandmother who was an avid reader gave me a romance novel....and i never looked back... i don't read much romance anymore more sci fi / fantasy... mystery, adventure..horror... Great post Kathy.. Hugs! deb

  4. I enjoyed this post, because I am also an avid reader, but haven't read much this year. I admire that you are reading a couple of books that sound quite interesting to me, too.

  5. Reading and being creative are the two things that sustain me through out my whole life. I may have times when I don't read as much but I have always read. I looked through my Amazon history and I read over 100 books just from them last year. That doesn't count the thrift store books or the book exchange we have at work . Probably one of my heaviest reading years but I was down a lot with my back last year .

  6. I've never been one to read historical fiction but a few you mentioned intriqued me. I'm off to the library today and will be a little bit more open to expanding my reathe of reading. THANKS for sharing ar Tuesday Archives this week Kath. :)

  7. Blogging has taken away my usual reading time. I struggle to get through a book now, whereas before blogging I would zip through one or two in a week. Your interest in the pioneer days opens up a huge assortment of novels and non-fiction books for you. I remember visiting our town library many moons ago too ... my favourite place as a child!

  8. I love reading too. Ever since I was 6 and started to read books rather than pictures. My sister and i would go to the local library and get two books each and then swap amongst ourselves as she is only 18 months younger than me.
    I read mostly in English, but I have read many books in Dutch (my mother tongue) and German and Italian.
    I too have a Kindle and usually I look at the Amazon 99c offers of the day and if anything tickles my fancy, I buy it. I also subscribe to Bookhub, that gives me offers (many free) about books that I like (as I have filled in a form to say what sort of thing I like).
    I don't usually read romance or 'chick-lit', but Yellowstone Heart Song was free so I have downloaded it. I will give it a go. But the covers are a real put-me-off. It is amazing how much a cover will influence what you read!
    I like travel, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, time travel, historical novels. And I confess to liking the odd cozy mystery or an Amish romance when the mood takes me.
    I have just finished reading a book about the life of Winston Churchill by Boris Johnson (non-fiction) and what i am reading at the moment is also non-fiction. It is about Paul of Tarsus (the epistle writer Paul in the Bible). After this I will go for something lighter for sure.
    Have a good week,
    Keep smiling,

    1. Good morning Lisca, I hope you enjoy the book-this one she wrote several years ago so he writing has improved and gotten much better-but I loved this one-and she has several more to the series that get more complex and interesting.
      I buy or not buy too by the cover allot of times and I do read reviews too that will influence me.
      Your book reading sounds allot like mine except I am not into sci fi
      enjoy your weekend!

  9. Your soaps look amazing, and that drink looks delicious - I'm surprised to hear it is wine based. I hope everything works out with your husband - take care.


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