Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pokeberry "Blues"

   Yesterday I was still sorting through some areas in my craft room-studio and remembered that I had not updated some dye pages in my hand made journal.
    So I dug out those two skeins of pokeberry dyed rug wool-these had been stored away from light since around September 2014 and wow what a disappointment-remember that lovely deep burgundy I had achieved from the pokeberry dye pot?? (sorry I couldn't find a photo)  well this is why I have the pokeberry blues--

  It is still a pretty plum color but I was so surprised that it did this just being stored. I am so glad now that I didn't end up selling these. 
    This was stored away from light and in old wooden cheese boxes that had not been used for cheese so the wool could also breath in there.
   Most of the old dye books say this is not a colorfast natural dye, but I had run into a recipe that looked really good and the method of the dye process was so much better. Re reading it again she did say that it is mostly colorfast for several years.
   Before I use this in a project I think I will rinse it well and see what happens.
   On the plus side this color is growing on me this morning, it is more "earthy" and actually blends in better with the other browns and yellows I have natural hand dyed. Hubby commented he loves this color better than the burgandy--so all is good in the end.


  1. I loved the poke berry burgundy color, but if you can stabilize what it has morphed into, I'm sure this color will spin beautifully.

    1. I think that's why I may soak this in some lukewarm water to see if this will Lose any more color can't put anything alkaline in the water like saop or that will change this even more

  2. That's still a gorgeous color and maybe a bit more manly than burgundy usually is so that's great. I do understand your concern, though, as it should have held the color fast. I remember we "talked" about dyeing with pokeberries back when I posted the yarn I had dyed with them, but I can't remember which method you told me you used. At the time I had just been gifted Harvesting Color by Rebecca Burgess and went by her directions. I'll have to dig out my skeins and see how they look...

  3. Hi sweet Kathy! I just realized you started a new blog...forgive me delay in following along :)

    I hope you are well and enjoying these last days of summer. It's already beginning to feel like autumn here with cooler temperatures and changing colors.

    Hugs to you!


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