Sunday, August 21, 2016

Do You Love Books Too??

   I have always loved books especially books that help to teach me something--- and I Love cookbooks especially-I have  collected so many over the years that now it has to be something really special for me to buy another cookbook-especially with pinterest and other sites online for finding recipes.

   Back in the late '70s when I first learned to weave on my 30" 4 harness J Made jack loom I purchased several books on weaving and many Interweave Press' pattern booklets. and back then til probably around the '90s I enjoyed their magazine Handwoven which personally I don't feel is worth the money now-I am glad I saved all of my old issues as they had some really good patterns in those.  I have not picked up a new weaving book as I haven't found any that are any better than what I have. 
    Do any of you weavers know if there is another weaving magazine around? 

   Learning to spin though a couple years ago-and still working on that-I have picked up several new spinning books and have learned allot from them.
     This morning I just bought a new one-The Practical Spinner's Guide Rare Luxury Fibers by Mackenzie on Amazon. Of course I was not looking for this lol - it popped in my mail box from Amazon   
    I have a couple wools that are double coated and I need some insight on those. I have a big bag of navajo churro that years ago I must have seperated the two layers, and now even after washing and rinsing in unicorn products they are still really matted together-it did card up nice though once I got the fibers pulled apart.

(photos will enlarge just click on them)

  I thought I would share some of the spinning books I have picked up in the last couple years that for me were worth the money:

The Spinner's Book of Yarn Designs by Sarah Anderson

The Spinner"s Book of Fleece by Beth Smith-this is really an excellent book

I just found out about Ply magazine through a video class I bought on Craftsy It is a beautiful magazine but a little pricey for me as a yearly subscription especially that when they do share a few patterns seemed to be mostly for knitters and I don't knit. I did buy a couple back issues by topics though and was very pleased with the articles. 

The Field Guide to Fleece by Robison and Ekarius I bought when I was learning the breeds and buying fleece and I feel is a must have if you enjoy learning about the different sheeps and their fleece-full of information

and I had picked up Cotton, Flax, Hemp by Stephanie Gaustad and Silk by Sara Lamb which I have not gotten to yet.
     I had purchased some organic cotton to learn how to spin and also a little silk-I may end up blending those into wool and see what happens.

Please feel free to share your favorite books, online classes, or magazines about spinning with us

Enjoy your day


  1. HHmmm... love books! But not about I do have my share of craft books about making cards and mosaic tile, polymer clay and many other things i'm interested in and then we should talk about my fiction I have quite the library... from Stephen King to James Rollings and Preston and Child... John Saul, Harry Potters and Lord of the Rings and on and on...Hugs! deb

  2. I prefer a real book to an e-reader, but I haven't amassed a large library. I have kept only the classics and gifted books. Paperbacks often come from the Book Swap Cafe nearby, and of course, go back there to be swapped when I'm done. One of my favorites is Stephen King also. Cookbooks? Not so much. 😜


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