Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Friend Having Fun with "Art Yarn" and Felting

  My friend Barbara at Pineland's Treasures  makes these amazing mini to larger vessels from knitted wool yarns that she then felts. I really love them.  They are really nice to hold needles and thread especially when hand sewing.

   I had sent her some really newbie spun yarn to play with and she had so  much fun that she asked for more so she could make me one too. This one is a much larger vessel than she usually knits up-love it!

  She turned this newbie-art yarn- into a real Pineland's Treasure.  Thank you Barbara



  1. My pleasure! It was a joy to work with. :)

  2. I love felting!!! I have done hats and slippers and one beret hat I did turned into a really cool vase instead :)

  3. What a beautiful felted bowl! I'm leaving all that felting stuff to those that know what they're doing. The only thing I ever felted was a beautiful pure wool toque of my husband's ... in the wash ... unintentionally ;) It felted beautifully, although that was before I knew of the term "felted", so it just went in the garbage.

  4. Your felted vessel bowl is beautiful and such a nice gift to receive. How fun to share your yarns and see them as a finished project.

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    1. Good morning, thank you for stopping by

  6. I love those beautiful colors! And your new blog looks great! I need to make one for my dollie posts. Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane


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