Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Enjoying My Drop Spindle

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   Since I uncovered this basket of romney locks I have enjoyed using my drop spindle again. I gave it up about a year ago when I wanted to learn how to use my spinning wheel, and not wanting to aggravate my left hand as much. 
    It is going well as long as I don't spin more than an hour at each sitting-and that's tops probably should cut it down to 30 minutes. I do alternate with flicking the locks and then spinning.
    I really enjoy this, my yarn is still not real even, especially the joins and I have allot of joins with spinning each lock. I need to search on you tube for techniques on improving that.
   I am missing my spinning wheel too-I need to take the time to stain my new jumbo flyer kit, put that together and get it on my wheel-I am anxious to try out making bulky art yarn too-looks fun to make.

What have you been creating??


  1. Still haven't located my drop spindle yet but I've only looked in one spot ... took me forever to get through all the stuff in that closet :( This week I am busy canning the last of the pickles and freezing squash. My tomatoes are doing so poorly that I'm just getting a few at a time so they are going into freezer whole until I get enough to cook up a bunch and can. Mostly I've been playing with the new puppy :)

  2. Must be something in the air! Next for me was learning (on you tube) to make two ply yarn with my first two singles. It makes a bulkier, stronger yarn, and especially if different colors are plied, a beautiful yarn. I don't worry about the joins, they are what make it an "art yarn". I could buy yarn at ACMoore instead if I want it to be perfect. Let's celebrate the joins! :)

  3. PS...can you knit or crochet with your hands? That would be a use for your yarn. I can still knit with my hands and like making the vessels (which I repeatedly wash in HOT water and put in the dryer until I'm happy with the way they are felted).

  4. Hi Kathy! Love, love your handspun single. Love the luster of the wool. I have to be careful with my hands, too. I've finished another pair of socks and nearly finished a shawl, but I've become such a lazy blogger. *sigh*
    Have a great week!

  5. Congrats on your new blog. Happy September! And happy spinning! :)


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