Friday, August 19, 2016

My New Blog Introduction

  With inspiration coming from a blog friend, thank you, I decided to start a new blog journey too.
   I haven't enjoyed blogging as much recently as I did in the very beginning. (way back with Yahoo 360 and Multiply) Things change, people change their interests in social media platforms, good friends pass on.
   Blogging I think is a personal journey (at least for me) a way to write a journal but also to hopefully share with others with similar interests. My interests have changed too since I first started when I was newly retired, living in the woods, sharing lots of "my doings". 
    I am still loving living in our woods, but my interests are now mostly weaving, spinning, and natural dyeing opposed to mostly quilting and sewing. My weaving has always been what I love doing the most but it was always pushed to the side Now is my time to learn more about spinning and weave.  I have prolonged this way too long.
     Blogging takes more work too, and unlike facebook the response to what I write here is not almost instant or allot of times no response at all. I am not going to be concerned with that anymore. 
   This blog is to give me a new direction and to be positive, and to share my weaving, spinning, natural dyeing and other creative endeavors taking you along with me if you choose to.
    I also have needed a more positive mental change, inspiration to blog and to share  That is why I chose the hummingbird as my spirit guide. 
      I love our hummingbirds so much when they come to visit us. They are such a joy to us  
    I searched and learned of their spirit animal meaning. One which is Lightness of being and enjoyment of life, being more present, this is a  really nice link full of information.

So come along with me as I share my journal of spinning, weaving, hand dyeing


  1. that is odd it did not show up, I am posting this again. The previous one did post, but I don't see it now either.

    1. Great we have a comment-lol thanks for coming back to check this out-I was in settings possibly when you first posted-but am happy to know it's working now

  2. Good luck with your new blog! I started a separate blog for my art a few years ago and I love having it.

  3. Ahhhh...every word of your post feels like a breath of inspirational fresh air. Being positive can get us through a lot of very hard stuff. Once said by someone very wise -- "Our emotions go where our thoughts have been". I'm looking forward to being uplifted.

  4. Oh no! My long comment disappeared! Sigh, as it was yesterday and I have little idea of all of the content. Suffice it to say, I am excited for you with this new blog and the journey of creativity we will all take together!
    Hugs for now...


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