Friday, August 19, 2016

I Believe I Have Plenty of Fibers To Spin With

   I guess I  have finally realized that I am a hoarder of sorts. In my defense I really enjoy the "hunt" of whatever I am looking for and then want lots of it for some reason lol so in my studio I have lots of buttons, beads, fabrics, laces, and now wools
   Soooo I do now have lots of wool and other fibers to spin with. No more buying til I work through most of the roving and raw wool I have.   hmmmm we'll see if I can resist buying that is
   My mission this summer was to get all the raw wool washed and ready to card and spin up for this upcoming winter. I had gone on a buying mission last year hunting down different breeds of wools so I could learn about them. Many were raw wools-and they really take allot of time to wash  rinse and dry especially if you get some that are very soiled.
    I have it all washed now except for 4 big cotton bags of navajo churro wool that was a gift given to me years and years ago that I am finally getting to. Do you ever feel like you could use another life time to just complete and learn everything you want to??
  This first photo is part of a stack of washed wools or roving ready to spin. The next photo is the navajo churro. This breed has two layers of wool, one very very soft and luscious and this one shows the coarser layer. This batch seems really matted together even after washing and rinsing in unicorn products so when dry I am going to see how it cards and then decide how to use it, I have a huge bag of it.

Note: photos will enlarge just click on them

   After lunch today I will be organizing this corner better for easier access.

I have learned over the years to always store wool in cotton bags never plastics-so I look for large pillow cases at resale shops. They work really well I just secure the top with a rubberband and put on a note as to what is inside.

Afternoon Update: I was able to card this and also made into rolags to spin with on my navajo spindle-this wool feels almost like it's felted but it's not, just the two layers together I believe-so it will work with extra efforts


  1. I knew you and I were alike!!! :) When I first purchased wool (raw) after I had purchased my spinning wheel I did just what you did...went on a breed buying spree!!! I realized it was just too much for me to wash and dry 80+lbs of raw wool so I sold it all on ebay when I sold my first spinning wheel. Round two, new to me spinning wheel and lots and lots of breeds but all in already prepared roving and top! I to am hopeless with all the bits and bobs that go along with a craft and am not happy until I have a studio full of all the supplies I think I might need to fully pursue the craft! Then I get bored... :) The weaving is different, so far, and I am completely smitten with it, hence the upcoming purchase of the floor loom. Also, hence the continual de-stashing of various bits and bobs from the studio!! Now, I am on a mission with my weaving. Although, I must admit to a fair amount of variability even with that as I love tapestry weaving and have two looms for that; bead weaving - two looms for that; the 16" Ashford rigid heddle loom; a 3' triangle loom, rectangle loom that adjusts from 5' to 1'; several sizes of small weave-it type hand looms and three rug twining looms! Whew!!! See, hopeless... :)
    Hugs for now...

  2. Well Kathy i will follow you wherever you decide to go. LOL! :) I think a new blog will be a nice new fresh start.. We all need that once in a while! i consider my spirit animal to be a bear.... not that i had much choice he kind of barreled his way in and who am i to deny a bear spirit... :) I look forward to following your adventures in wool! Hugs! deb

  3. I just read Elizabeth's comment. Omg, there is a whole breed of us! I thought I was one of the few who is "...hopeless with all the bits and bobs that go along with a craft and am not happy until I have a studio full of all the supplies I think I might need to fully pursue the craft! Then I get bored... :)"
    New blog looks great!

  4. The way I look at hoarding is I'll never be bored even if all the stores shut down. LOL
    Love your new blog.

  5. I must admit that I am Creative Supply hoarder too. :) If I need and old book for a project I end buying 10 . You just never know when you might need them . Sometimes I think I am blessed that the hands can not handle learning to spin anymore. I'd have to add on to the house .


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