Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Found: A Basket of Romney Locks

Over the weekend when I was organizing and making some sense of  my craft room-I found my spindles and a basket of romney locks I had started working on last year. 
     I had set this aside to learn how to spin on my Ashford Traveler wheel-Miss Jenny Ashley. So it got buried amongst the other wool.

This was part of a bag of romney white fleece I had picked up on Ebay  and was discouraged over how much skirting was included and how very soiled this was. After several soaks, washings, rinses it did clean up enough to process.
    Last year I wanted to keep some of the locks to stay as straight as possible, so placed them in a mesh laundry bag and hand washed a batch that way. The locks did stay seperated through the process. 
    I am using my flick carder-which I really love-to card the locks-and then for a break with that I spin the locks with my bottom whorl drop spindle.  
   The wool is so soft to work with.

    I set myself up on the living room floor-spread out an old flannel backed table cloth-a good spot to work and leave it set up to come back to. I love this drop spindle too, nice to work with it again-although I need a couple days to get back in the "groove" lol  (photos will enlarge just click on them)

What craft-art projects are you working on now??


  1. Your Romney fleece has a lovely luster. It looks so soft - I think I could dive into that basket and sleep all day. The one and only fleece that I bought and processed from start to finish was Romney. I wish I had the want-to to spin, but I would rather knit things (I don't ever wear.) :) I've cast on another pair of socks, third pair this year, and this shawl: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/therapy Mine is a speckled cream & darkish brown stripe. And even though I'll be ripping back several rows in a bit I'm really loving the knitting of it.
    Have a lovely Tuesday!

  2. Somewhere in my craft room I have a bag with a drop spindle and some wool roving. I need to find it and see what kind of damage I can do... maybe... :)

  3. What am I working on? Need you ask? Haha ok, so is carding wool the next thin in my future? This carded wool looks luscious.


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