Sunday, June 23, 2019

T Stands for Tuesday & Videos and Photos at the Lake

  Happy Tuesday everyone, and it's T time again where we share a beverage in our post with friends. Hosted by Bleubeard and Elizabeth-you are most welcome to join in the fun.

  We have been at the lake house just about every day now.  I will be happy once we get all the heavy furniture moved and we can stay at the lake house.  Once moved there will be lots of things to do at the woods house to get it ready to sell. Of course we are so way off schedule in this move but can't be helped.

  We are still getting allot of rain and severe t storms in Missouri. First day of summer it was pretty cool watching one come in over the lake. I caught a short video before all the hard rain.

Saturday was finally full sun and and beautiful-hot and humid and perfect for the boaters to come out and play-and they did. We had allot of fun watching them all-while eating our lunch and then later a light fruit snack.

A bit after lunch I brought out some homemade brownies, and sweet bing cherries. My drink is almost gone which was a sparkling water with fruit juice

Early morning these two groups of Canada geese swam by

And Sunday at the lake house-rained all day, a peaceful view of the lake as for the most part was not stormy-and quiet with no boats.

   Hubs is still repairing things in the bathroom, I brought a few boxes in and then went through other boxes to find things I could put away. More handmade pottery pieces and flower vases found their new homes. I have allot that I need the furniture in place to be able to unpack those items. I did also bring in my two spinning wheels.
   The last few weeks now I have been making our 2 pm main meal at the lake house. Learning how to use that electric stove-ugh I do Not like electric stoves at all I am all for cooking over fire haha. 
     I am getting the hang of it much better though. Learning I need to set the stove top burners to medium or lower to keep things from burning. 

  Sunday I made us a huge veggie salad with avocado slices, grilled chicken breasts, and Bush's white chili beans as a side dish.  We still have sweet cherries left, and I also sliced up some of my gluten free fruitcake with a cup of tea for breakfast when we got there. While eating our main meal with a fun little visitor outdoors on the deck.

This is my other beverage reference-the Lipton tea was a mint tea

I did get the other Hoosier cabinet in place and filled. Hubs put a new back on and I stained it several coats. Really happy with the way it turned out. I also scrubbed all the painted shelves too. I also rubbed down all the wood with Liquid Gold wood protector.
   We decided to turn this cabinet into a bar area. We really don't drink all that much but when we used to go to Sam's wholesale club every few months or so we would purchase something new to try. Our friend Mr L a couple years ago bid on a liquor store's contents and won-he couldn't believe he won. lol  So we picked up several different things really inexpensive from him.  So we have a variety now to offer friends if they want something. Kinda fun. 
     I enjoy wine once in awhile so I was happy to have a special place for my crystal and hand thrown pottery wine glasses-I really love them

I decided to use my vintage wine box for wine bottles instead of threads in my craft room like it has been used for years now. It fits perfectly up on top of this cabinet That empty bottle was a special civil war commemorative bottle-one was red and the other a blue bottle. It has been awhile now but Hubs visited a friend that lives near Gettysburg and he had taken them to the winery.

On the second shelf behind the pottery wine glasses are these two special wine glasses for us. I bought them early in our marriage for one of our anniversaries. They are crystal from Japan with those beautiful birds. The glass is very very fine and thin At the time I bought these we were raising exotic birds and had a bird store selling both retail and wholesale.

I see I have ended up writing a very long post-hope you enjoyed it all I am really really missing not being able to craft or do art, so I have been spinning up yarn at both houses.

Happy T Day


  1. I enjoyed visiting the Lake House. Such a peaceful space and lunch on the deck just wow. Mmmm, brownies and cherries. I got a kick out of your chipmunk 🐿. The wine glasses with the bird stems are stunning. Happy T Day

  2. Your new life is really taking shape, Kathy. I enjoyed the lake videos with some serious white caps. Life on water is always changing. Those clouds were scary! Your cabinet, wine rack and glasses are all very lovely. Wishing you many years of health and good fortune in your new home!

  3. Great videos from your lake house, Kate. I llllllove your funny little visitors!!! Ha ha! My favourite wine is the red. It is really hot in Greece as we have summer. Hugs, my dear friend.

    1. I meant Kathy!!!!!!!!! Ha ha!!!!! Kisses, sweetie!!!!!

  4. Oh dear, you have been working so hard again, and it's starting to look good at the Lake house. Love your deck visitor! Thanks for the videos, too. Look after yourself, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. Sounds like you are enjoying the lake this summer. You are lucky you have been able to make such a leisurely move and get all that work done before you get into the house. It looks like a big and nice lake. Hope you enjoy your days and learning to use that electric stove. hugs-Erika Oh yes, and happy T day too.

  6. Hi Kathy!
    Sorry I've been so neglectful at visiting my blog friends. Since we moved to the country I've had so many projects it's hard to find time to get on the computer!
    The lake looks beautiful; thank you for sharing photos. Your glassware is so pretty, too!

  7. Love seeing your lake house photos! Good luck with the electric stove. I hate mine!!! I keep trying to convince HUbs to have a tank of gas set up so I can get a gas stove again. Then we could add heat to the basement too :)

  8. I enjoyed the videos :) Thanks for sharing them. We've been getting those same storms after you're done with them lol It's sunny today. The view at your lake house is just fantastic! I know y'all will enjoy getting settled in for good and having the sale of the other place done so you can focus on these new delights.

    I know what you mean about electric stoves. I grew up with gas but have electric now, and it's quite an adjustment. Having a bar area sounds cool. I never have more than a couple of bottles at a time (right now a single bottle of Tequila is it), but I'd probably keep more around if I had such a neat area for it :) Your bird glasses are a treasure. We have society finches and have had other finches in the past and appreciate the delights of the exotic finches.

    Happy T Day!

    1. when we had our bird business we imported allot of very neat finches-so pretty and always loved their songs

    2. When I was little you could get Gouldians and Strawberry finches and such in department store pet departments for cheap. Regulations on importing really changed things, and I never see anything in pet stores these days besides Zebra finches and societies. Now there are bird fairs. I'm sticking with society finches (keeping, not raising) these days, but I still enjoy the bird fairs. So many different kinds! So beautiful! And I do love the sweet songs.

  9. What a fun T time post, Kathy. Your videos were wonderful and the rain reminded me of what I got last night. Of course, I had the light and sound show to contend with, too. I;m sure it's fun watching the boats on the lake.

    You have some great alcohol you can offer visitors. It looks good in its new home, too.

    Those bird glasses are amazing. What a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary.

    When I was in Omaha doing my internship, there was a gas stove in the place I rented. I tried to light it one day and all I got was gas. I called the landlord who told me the pilot light had gone out. I had brought my microwave with me, and vowed I would not use that gas stove, no matter what. It scared me to tears. Give me electric any and every day. I'm using the same electric stove I bought when I moved into my first home. I realize that was an OLD, old stove, and gas has probably gotten safer, but I'll still take electric over gas any day, thank you.

    You have a LOT of drink references today, dear. First the sparkling water, then the mint tea, and of course, all that alcohol. Thanks for sharing your week with us at the Lake House and all those drinks with us for T this week, too,

  10. Those videos are amazing. What a view! I can see why you can't wait to move in. The perfect place to retire and relax. Your cabinet is lovely but those glasses with the swans are breath-taking. What an unusual piece of art.
    Happy Tea Day,

  11. Loved the videos- that dramatic change in the sky in the first one- whoa! Of course I love watching the pleasure boats in the water on a nice day:) I used a gas stove in my parents house but after I left it was always an electric stove so I'm quite used to it. That is a really nice bar set up you have made! Love your special frosted bird glasses. Wishing you sunnier days ahead. We've had so much rain here in NE PA too. happy T day!

  12. The perfect place to live! Wonderful!

  13. seems you are getting comfortable with your new home more and more... and skies at a lake are more drama than elsewhere i think. happy t-day and have a great week!

  14. It sounds like you're almost fully moved into the lake house. I think watching activity on the lake is a peaceful, tranquil thing to do, even if it's rain coming in. Your bar cabinet looks great. Happy T-Day!

  15. Beautiful views from your deck, it looks so peaceful and relaxing living by the lake and so much fun to watch the boats and people enjoying the lake too 😁. So lovely to spend your days there and I bet you can't wait to move in permanently. Your meals sound delicious, we are enjoying cherries here at the moment too! Wishing you a very happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  16. I love the videos, it's such a lovely place. Looks as if you are getting things in place, takes a while but worth it in the end getting everything where you want it.
    We are now used to electric, takes a while to get used to it as it doesn't cool as quite as gas! had many things boil over at first.
    Happy T Day
    Jan x

  17. Sitting on your deck and watching the lake sounds wonderful and relaxing. Ahhh ... The views are beautiful. I love how you set up the bar cabinet. I get excited when I think of a better or new way to use something I already have. For example, I took an old shoe rack that hubby refused to use. He preferred his shoe pile - lol. Now the rack is tucked under my desk holding boxes of my favorite media.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  18. The lake looks lovely...lots of activity. I love what you've done with the hoosier cabinet. It makes a great bar!
    Happy T day!

  19. Very nice post, and yes, I enjoyed it. I liked the videos as they so much remind me of the place on Beaver lake that my folks had when they were living. They enjoyed watching all the action on the lake, too. It is nice that you have a place for all your nice glassware, now. Sounds like you are enjoying your lake home and setting up everything. Happy T Day!

  20. A lovely post Kathy, uou caught thr storm so well on camera ans it seemed aaaaaato be quite noisy as well.
    Your Bar cBINET is LOVELY AND YOUR GLASS Wear looks besutiful.
    \happy T dY WISHES kATHY.
    yvonne xx


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