Monday, June 10, 2019

Happy Tuesday

  Just wanted to post a big Hello to everyone, especially for our T party.
We are still busy busy, working on getting things done and more packing and moving most every day.

 I am not linking to our T party as I may not have time to visit everyone.

   It was quite the effort to find someone to do our a/c work last week as everyone was booked up. We knew the a/c at the lake house needed to be replaced-eventually-but was not expecting it to pretty much blow up when first turned on. and of course it went out the week when we were in the 90's f with high humidity. and they came out to start the work in the evening-so Hubs insisted on being there himself-of course we had words over that with his heart condition but he won out. stubborn- sigh
  It was quite the project and very expensive, as everything for the a/c needed to be replaced, but the good thing is they were able to match the brand with the same as the heating system. The size we got also matches the house space better as well. So I think we are good to go with the heat and central a/c now.
   We found out from our neighbor that the owner had a chimney fire from the woodstove-we had not planned on using it anyways til checked out well, cleaned, and a stainless pipe going in. but this can wait til later.

  June 5th was our 37th wedding anniversary. I always make up bbq ribs with sides-this time a large veggie salad, with steamed fresh asparagus, mini fresh corn on cob, and sliced avocado.

   Two trips up in the suburban with my cast iron pieces, I will need one more trip to finish up. We also have collected many vintage crocks-small up to very large-so we will need to choose which ones to keep and which to sell. This load going up on Tuesday has a few of my favorite smaller crocks-1, 2 gallon and a 5 gallon very vintage.  I will take some photos this week.

  The one Hoosier cabinet that needed a new back is ready for me to stain and Hubs is screwing down the tops to the bottoms of both cabinets-which have not been done since we owned them. I will be ready this week to put that one in place and fill up-we are going to set it up as a bar-wine glasses-pottery and crystal, Harley glasses, shot glasses etc. We really don't drink all that much, but nice to be able to offer a glass a wine or something to friends-and now we will have a place to put it.

   Typical Missouri-very up and down weather here. We are in a dry cool spell for now til the rains return on Wednesday. Over the weekend I picked up a few flowers to plant-I filled up the large vintage copper kettle that someone already drilled drainage holes into with flowers, and on the property there were three small ceramic pots that I also filled up. The challenge is seeing how the sun hits the front of the lake house-lots of large trees and it is down from the road and our garage which also creates allot of shade.
    The fire pit is all covered on the outside now with those stone triangles. I kinda wished they would have waited til I got it all painted first-but since I have the paint will still paint the inside. I found a heat resistant paint for wood stoves that will work for this too.

  Hubs saw the Canada goose family swim by this morning, and if it is the same family they are down to only 2 youngsters. There are allot of eagles in this area, and I didn't know that many large fish will eat them too-sigh  Cycle of life

This is not a real good photo-but this is a hen turkey that has been hanging around in the back yard at our woods home-she must either have a nest near by or has lost her eggs do to the excessive rains here or predators.

Happy Tuesday everyone

   Oh and I did want to mention again that for some reason allot of your comments are not going into my new email address (or old one) to approve for posting, so if I forget to check comments here on blogger to approve them-you may have noticed yours not getting posted the same day-sorry about that and don't know why it is happening. Mostly with yahoo emails but sometimes international as well.  I am working on remembering  to check that every other day at least. I needed to turn this back on again do to spammers lurking here on blogger.


  1. Sounds like you still have an awful lot to do. Sorry about the AC, and hope you can get the other things fixed, too. Yes, men can be very stubborn sometimes. Have a great T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow, you have been busy, I forget how much there is to do when you move since I haven't moved for years. And hope the AC unit gets replaced with no problems. And Happy belated anniversary too. Have a great T day, even if you don't link up. Hugs-Erika

  3. Moving is not for the faint at heart. I'd hate to move now, that's for sure. Sorry about your AC. At least this one should last at least 20 or more years.

  4. It's good that you got the a/c fixed before you actually moved in and it was really hot. Belated anniversary wishes! Good luck with the rest of the move.

  5. Take your take, Kate. I am sure everything will be ready sooner or later.
    And happy belated anniversary, my dear friend. Hugs.

  6. So much to do, seems to be the case no matter where we live. The turkey looks familiar to me since we see them on our property. I’ve never seen one alone though. They usually run in “packs,” lol, or whatever the word is for more than a few. I usually hear them before seeing them. They are extremely noisy while roaming around. Happy Anniversary!

  7. PS...had to look it up. A group of turkeys is a “rafter”.

  8. A lovely post to read Kathy, you must be getting closer to you moving.
    You both must be looking forward to that date and being able to maybe relax a little.
    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
    I hope you have a good week and I send as usual my T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  9. There's always so much to do surrounding a move, but the AC would be a priority here ;) I'm excited you get turkeys. They'll be fun to watch. Happy Anniversary (late). The meal sounds delicious :)

  10. Wow, everything sounds like it's progressing well! You have got so much done, I'm always amazed by how busy you are. It must be a relief to get the AC all sorted and so nice to get all your things moved in and in place 😀. Take care and wishing you a happy T Day and a wonderful week! Jo x

  11. Praying.

  12. You write about so many of my favorite things...hoosier cabinets, cast iron, and crocks. I am really looking forward to pictures. You seem to be making great progress with the moving, despite so many rainy days.


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