Friday, January 12, 2018

Drastic Weather Changes and a Few Wildlife Photos Outside my Bay Window

     Wednesday and Thursday we climbed up into the low 60's f. A nice break for January even for this area. However we were warned that big changes were coming Thursday afternoon.
    So I went to town very early and picked up corn and birdseed for the wildlife and a little people food too. While at the farm store I remembered that I had not put garden lime on my garden for a couple years-and here we need to add it every year due to the type of soil we have. So I got two 40 pound bags of that. It was raining lightly all morning.
   I got home before noon, and it was still low 60's f so got the wildlife food put away in its metal containers, got the food and bottles of water in the house and by that time the temperature began to drop, and the winds really picked up. I grabbed a wheel barrel and spread out the garden lime-and it started to rain a little harder and got colder. In a few hours the temperature dropped to the 30s f and we were to fall to the low teens at night and single digits this morning-Friday with feels like temperatures below 0 f
  Here in this area of Missouri we are used to 30 and 40 degree temperature swings but this one is feeling pretty brutal.
   A couple days ago when we had sunshine I took a few photos from my bay window with birds and the deer visiting. I have been tossing out bird seed on the ground in this area now too along with the bird feeders outside the back door. 

photos will enlarge for better viewing just click on them

                There is a female cardinal and a red headed woodpecker eating on the stump with the deer nearby

                            A pair of cardinals and a bluejay

     I keep niger seed out for the goldfinches-a feeder on the left and on the right 

              The crows love the corn too

     Some times allot of doves will fly in and in the middle there is a red headed woodpecker

Oh and I wanted to mention a few of you have email addresses with yahoo--for some reason my provider hughes is sending all yahoo back so that is why I am not answering back-I am but you are not getting them

Happy Friday everyone-stay warm and safe


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

What great pictures of your wildlife! I have been trying to get a photo of the flock of robins that have been visiting, but they are too scattered in the meadow to really see them.

Valerie-Jael said...

Sorry about the crazy weather, it seems to be happening everywhere just now. Love the photos, good to see your feathered and furry friends. Hugs, Valerie

jinxxxygirl said...

Well same crazy weather here.... but maybe not quite as cold...Those temps really took a nose dive yesterday afternoon didn't they? quick! I was really enjoying the warmer weather.. We have all the same animals hanging out as you do.. I'm seeing tons of cardinals and juncos , woodpecker, nuthatches, bluejays, goldfinches, crows..and ofcourse deer... I'm sorry to hear your having trouble with my yahoo... not sure what to do about it Kathy.. Can you still get thru if you email directly ? Hugs! deb

jinxxxygirl said...

OMGosh... almost forgot ... I saw a Robin yesteday!

kathyinozarks said...

no which is a bummer it started out a few of hubs contacts with yahoo and now it is all of mine too-our provider must be blocking yahoo for some reason-we did to be in the mood to call them about it

kathyinozarks said...

that should read we need to be in the mood

kathyinozarks said...

cool we see very few robins here a few in the spring but that is about it-they must not like the woods setting

froebelsternchen Susi said...

The weather is crazy - everywhere I guess - here is a much to warm January since years .
I am thrilled about your wonderful pictures - that is so peaceful to look at!
The wild animals are happy to have you♥♥♥
Happy weekend Kathy!
oxo Susi

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Our weather took a nosedive Wednesday afternoon. By the time I left the lecture at the library, the wind had whipped up and was brutal. It was -1 F overnight, and the temps here have stayed below freezing since then. It is about 50 F in my office and the heat runs constantly.

I simply adore your wildlife photos. They are fabulous. I miss the cardinals I was used to in MO. Yours are beautiful. I would LOVE to visit your farm and enjoy those views. Stay safe and warm, dear.

Meggymay said...

Silly weather everywhere I think. I loved seeing the photos of the wildlife especially the deer, who look happy as they are grazing on the goodies you have for them to feed on.
Yvonne xx

CJ Kennedy said...

Wild weather for sure. We were in Pennsylvania and cut our plans short as they were getting a major ice storm Fri. afternoon. Temps were close to 60 when we left. We got back home and temps were warm the past few days with rain. Most of the snow has melted. Just a week ago temps were in the Artic range. Our warm temps are dropping and a flash freeze with all the rain from today. I filled my front feeder as it was empty. Not a single seed left. The back feeder still had seed. I get cardinals, a blue jay, lots of Juncos (snow birds), mourning doves. Too cold for the finches. Usually don't see deer, but I know they are out and about. Loved your critter photos.

My name is Erika. said...

The weather this month is wild everywhere it seems. We are in the 50's. Snow is melting, at least for today. They say wee could more more, maybe even a bit tomorrow. But you had some beautiful visitors to your yard. We've had one of those woodpeckers at our feeder this winter, but we don't often gets cardinals. They do give you some color, don't they. And the deer too. It's really exciting. Hope you have a good weekend Kathy. Hugs-erika