Friday, March 10, 2017

Cast Iron and Dutch Ovens On Fridays

        Welcome to Cast Iron and Dutch Ovens on Fridays

   I just created this event last week to share recipes and information about cast iron cooking-bake ware-I love it and have been around it since childhood.
   The link button in the right hand column will take you to the information post--any of you are invited to write a post for Cast Iron and Dutch Ovens just title it so, link up at end of this post, and link back to this post. Please use your post url not your blog url-the link up will work midnight the night before and last 6 days. (we had lots of t storms last night so all electronics here were unplugged-so just getting this up this morning)

  Cast iron cookware has been around a very long time, served the pioneers and cowboys and more recently again has become more popular for camping, backyard cooking, and I have read about many dutch oven cook offs.
     I had joined a couple of groups on facebook over the past year but geesh they all have so many rules-some for dutch ovens outdoors only, some any cast iron but outdoors only and some for cast iron indoors, some you can share knowledge and link to recipes some you can't-so I dropped out of all that-to me cast iron is cast iron no matter what the form-even the pieces that are enamelled over and cooking-baking indoors or outdoors is still cast iron-right? lol 
  Sometime I run into good information and recipes online so you are most welcome to share that too.
   Soooo I want this to be full of fun and sharing!!

I use my cast iron pieces mostly indoors-for everything. I would like to get back into baking breads and do that outdoors in my dutch oven.

Dutch Ovens come in different sizes and they have legs and they have a special lid to hold the coals-so there is heat on top as well as the bottom.

You can also improvise and use any cast iron with a lid to also bake. Just raise the cast iron by placing it on a trivet or a spider-which is made for setting cast iron on and has enough space underneath for the coals. and for the top I use heavy duty foil and shape to the lid making sides in the foil to hold the coals (click to enlarge photos)

I have not made bread yet outdoors and there are so many delicious looking recipes I want to try this year. Thought I would share a few that are on my list.

      Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls

     Dutch Oven Farmers Bread

No Knead Dutch Oven Crusty Bread - no kneading required, 4 simple ingredients, baked in a Dutch Oven! The result is simple perfection, hands down the best bread you'll ever eat!

        No Knead Crusty Bread

I love to explore Pinterest for recipes  Most recipes that say dutch oven breads are actually baking them in a cast iron with no legs and in a home oven.  Just set up for outdoors instead.
    When I bake in my dutch ovens outdoors I set the coals just around the outer edge and slightly under the oven. For the top I place coals all around the edge of the lid and a few in the middle. I don't mess with how many coals for each temperature I just "wing" it lol I do always have hot coals hot and ready to replace as needed. 
   I also always bake with a trivet inside of the dutch oven and then I place parchment paper to fit up around the edges and then place what I am baking in its own pan on top of that. This technique really  keeps things from burning on the bottom.

I would love to see what you are baking-cooking in your cast iron.  Link up below:


Sunday, March 5, 2017

T Stands For Tuesday & Hodge Podge Week

  I am posting early for Elizabeth's T for Tuesday (see link on side bar if I don't get back with the link in post) 

      I will be gone all day on Tuesday-doing taxes and then some fun shopping-and I am hoping to get more texture put up on the bathroom walls tomorrow and want to stay focused on that.(Monday)  I just have not found my muse to finish that project-and I want to so I can paint it-finally lol and then play with getting rocks up on the walls later in the week. I am on jury duty call for 3 months which ends early May-so that is on my mind if I will have free time or not.

   Wow it has just been so windy here since March 1st-our March here in the Ozarks-Missouri definately came in like a  lion-so hoping April comes in like a lamb.
  On Wednesday March 1st and also the day before I fast walked my virtual 5 k Yellowstone marathon The monies went to support Yellowstone Park. 
    Since early January, I have been on a mission to lose at least 10 pounds before next fall comes around. I did allot of walking in the house on the cold days and then when I saw this marathon I was hooked-lol 5k is a little over 3 miles-we marked it out on our property and very doable for me. 
    A month ago when I first started it took me an hour and 45 minutes to complete On race day I had cut it down to an hour and a couple minutes-excited about that. I have finally lost 3 pounds, clothes still too tight but I am beginning to feel stronger.
   I also signed up for a virtual race in April which supports the National Parks. Keeps me motivated.

    A friend and I are planning our trip more now for Yellowstone in May-we are getting quite excited too. We rented a room with a full kitchen so thinking about the foods we want to bring-and what to buy when we get there. May will be here before I know it for sure

   On another note, this morning I got one of the raised beds watered well (we have had hardly any rain at all here or snow) and added in some of my compost-I planted half of it with some spring greens and beets and radishes. It got so cold and windy again that I needed to stop. Hope to finish the other side tomorrow for a few spring veggies.

  For my Yellowstone trip I needed to buy a new camera as my old one no longer holds a charge for long-I just kept it plugged in. So I bought a Cannon PowerShot and I need to learn how it all works. Charging the battery is totally different in this one-I need to take the battery out of the camera put it in this box that plugs into the wall-lol what a hassle-and when I charged the battery it took two photos and then no more battery-so not happy at all. In the instructions it says when not using the camera to take the battery out of the camera--I think this is odd-do any of you have this camera?? I am going to see if I can find this battery to purchase so I have a spare-don't want to run out of battery in Yellowstone-
    I brought this up as yesterday evening we had allot of deer come by for corn-a couple groups including a handsome 7 point buck that I wanted to take a photo of-so sigh no photos to share in this post.

  The other evening I dug out my very very large cast iron skillet and made a homemade pizza with a yeast crust for hubby and a friend. I made a gluten free version for me that I baked on red tiles--they both turned out delicious.
   Speaking of cast iron and dutch oven cooking and/or baking-I decided to start posting recipes and information on Friday's-if you enjoy your cast iron too for cooking and baking indoors or outdoors-please join me My goal is to get into baking more things this summer-fall

   I have been waiting for my favorite authors to release new books-so decided to dig out the Twilight books and re read them-again lol  I love these books for some reason-while reading I need to remind myself that Bella is in high school and that's why she acts the way she does sometimes--but I really do enjoy these books.

Happy Tuesday everyone!