Monday, March 27, 2017

T For Tuesday & What a Difference a Week Makes Lots of Photos

Happy T for Tuesday everyone!!

   Please visit our hostess Bleubeard and Elizabeth for links to all the participants and information if you would like to join in the fun.

   A week ago today my back was at it's worse, after about 2 weeks total I can get around better finally, especially up on that ladder so I can paint. I started that today.

   We also got lots of much needed rain-a really good soak which is what we so needed-and more rain possible most of this week. So yesterday I gathered up the couple of plants I had mail ordered in and got them planted-of course there was more to it than that-lol clearing the area of weeds and raking to the side some straw and dried plant materials. Wheel barrel in from my compost pile-back held up to the day.
     I have never used that weed barrier fabric before but since a neighbor gave me a couple rolls I decided to try this around the new plants. These are plants to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees.  I will also plant lots of seeds too to help out the pollinators

  I have not ordered in plants for many years now because of this-These are two lilac bushes-one really nice and one not so very nice-sigh I took this photo to send to the company. The roots only of the other plants I bought looked good, and the mint is pretty hardy so I think those will be ok. I had never heard of hummingbird tango mint-turns out it is a licorice mint-interesting especially if the hummingbirds like it
(all photos will enlarge to full size just click on them)
These are my two lilac plants

and here is the nicer one planted

Last week I was not sure if my two clematis both full of buds would survive the very cold night temperatures-we got down to 15 degrees f a couple nights.
    I covered them up with sheets, and one night the wind blew them half off. I really thought I lost allot of buds--nope they look good after all the rain. The one plant has allot of brown in the middle of it but the buds look healthy-yeah that means I shouldn't lose out on their beautiful spring blooms. I look forward to these every spring-this variety only blooms once in the spring and then it's over til next year.

 I have also continued this past week learning the tunisian crochet stitches.-on the bottom is the simple tunisian or afghan stitch, then the tunisian knit stitch, and on the top is the tunisian pearl stitch. My sample would be much larger but I have taken lots out. lol
     I am enjoying the learning process so far with this sampler except I did not expect my carpal tunnel on my right side to flare up again-something I got from being a telephone operator, so if I am typing on the computer too long it will aggravate-but did not expect it with the crochet. I am working on holding the hook in different ways.This tunisian does use up allot of yarn, very thick. Wondering if wool would be less thick of a fabric. My thoughts were to make a scarf with some of my handspun once I learn I few stitches.

  Those of you that followed recently on my older blog will remember me hunting down charms for Yellowstone-well of course I went over board on the charms-I was just having too much fun finding the charms.  and this was my splurge treat for myself.
   I had been waiting for getting allot of the charms soldered before I attached them to split rings and on to the bracelet-so that was done and I had fun putting that one together over the weekend.
   I also wanted to make a wolf charm bracelet. Our very long time fur family member was Nikita our wolf-she was with us for 14 years and we miss her still.  Soon after she passed a couple years ago now, I found a hand carved wolf paw print in deer antler-I always wanted to make something special to wear with it. So now it has a home on my bracelet. I have a howling sterling wolf charm coming in this week. and since Miss Calico and Nikita were such good friends I am thinking of adding a kitty charm too.

the first photo is my second Yellowstone inspired bracelet-I also included a reference back to Peggy Henderson's Yellowstone time travel books with the journal, heart, and sheet music for Heart Song the first book in the series

A few photos of my wall painting today. I have to tell you I bought this paint over 8 years ago and knew I had chosen a blue but was a little surprised with the shade when I opened up the can, did not remember it this color lol but it is going on nice.
   I do also have two stains that I will be rubbing in all over to accent some of the textures. My vision was a light blue for the outdoor summer sky and to accent the rock work which I think it will. 
   I decided to start in the more time consuming area first that way the walls will seem to go faster. I only paint with a brush so this will take me most of this week-and I have a strip up near the ceiling that also needs papered first.

This area has allot of shelving.

Over the weekend I also was contemplating on how to make bear bells for our Yellowstone trip.  I have allot of leather actually a whole trunk full and my friend gave me a roll of leather cording used in jewelry making. Saturday night I was thinking of how to make this simple and not expensive at all-but to have in case we need them in the park.  I got a brainstorm-lol   I grabbed some cotton shirting from my fabric stash, tore it in strips-then braided-added a bell braided til I got to the end. It ties up easy on the wrist or perhaps on a belt loop. the idea is to make noise so the bears know we are there.

So I guess I was pretty productive after all this past week-I did do allot over the weekend.

Here are a few photos of spring near the house and Miss Calico was talking to me while taking photos-she is over 15 years old now-amazing as she does not act that old

                                      Wild Violets 

I baked up another apple-blueberry gluten free crisp, and my beverage tonight is chamomile-lavender tea.


Oh and I almost forgot-(hope I am not over doing the photos) I got my finishing medal, t shirt and keepsake bib in the mail last week for my 5k Yellowstone virtual race.  I have another one coming up in April for the National Parks.
   This finishing medal is really gorgeous and heavy-


  1. Fun tour in the great outdoors. Sweet kitty.
    Happy T day!

  2. Wow! What a week. We got snow and you have some wonderful green. :) Nice idea for bear bells. You do have to watch out for those grizzlies, but I know when I go into grizzly country I never see them. Not that I want to walk up to one, but to see one from my car would be nice. :) Glad your back is feeling better. Happy T day. Hugs-erika

    1. Hi Erika, I am hoping we get to see some grizzlies and their cubs when we go in May-in the car of course lol
      Happy T Day

  3. well I must say that you have had a super busy time!! I admire your talents in both the arts and gardening arenas. Happy T day!

  4. You certainly must be feeling way better and that is wonderful.
    Such a pretty shade of blue paint.
    This time of year is so exciting with the garden coming back to life.
    Looks like you have a really nice array of plantings.
    Our old lilacs are full of blooms soon to pop.
    I so enjoy the parade of blooms this time of year.
    Your bear bells look like they make a great tinkling sound.
    Bells are always fun and useful too.
    Happy T Day to you Kathy oxo

  5. I remember when I was staying with some friends in Montana one spring, I heard a noise outside my bedroom window. Imagine my surprise when I looked out and saw a black bear knocking over the trash can. Needless to say, I didn't venture out or try to shoo him/her away. That's the only time I've ever been close to a a bear that was not in a zoo. I had some "friends" who were big game hunters and had two HUGE bears standing tall, both stuffed as you entered the foyer of their home. I was NOT impressed. She was vacuuming the fur, while he was telling me how they like to compete to see which one got the bigger specimen. I hope your experience is much better than mine and the bells keep the bears at bay.

    Glad to see you are coming along nicely with your painting project in your fabulous and unique bath.

    LOVE those bracelets, and that medal is well worth the wait. Good for you.

    Your apple-blueberry crisp looks wonderful and your lavender chamomile tea is tempting. Thanks for sharing your garden, painting, bracelet, and baking with us for T this Tuesday (or nearly so).

    1. Good morning Elizabeth, we hunt for food but never for a trophy we don't want that in our home either-these are God's creatures after all.
      Thanks for hosting this fun event

  6. Glad your back is feeling better, you got a lot of work done, your garden will be looking great when everything flowers. Love the crochet and especially the jewelry. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. They do say if you want something doing ask a busy person and you are certainly one busy lady for sure. Loved all the interesting projects and the wonderful plants as well.

    Have a very happy T Day and I hope you back stays strong for the painting

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. thank you Chrissie-I am hoping my back holds up too for the week of painting- I may need to stretch out the days and just paint for half a day-as I am pretty sore this morning.
      Happy T day Hugs

  8. wow, lots of interesting stuff going on here. love the way you braided your bell bracelets.
    happy t-day!

  9. You certainly do keep yourself busy!!! We ended up with at least 3 inches of rain over the weekend and really needed it. So glad most of it was a soaking rain. Love those bracelets :)

  10. Wow, what a busy week you have had. I really enjoying reading your post and with all the photos you added it was visual as well. I loved seeing your bracelet with all the charms, a wonderful way to remember special times and events.
    Take care to use those bells when you are away on holiday, I wouldn't want to get up close to a bear either.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

    1. Good morning Yvonne,
      I have really enjoyed putting these bracelets together.
      I had not heard of the bear bells before but saw some for sale when I was buying the bear spray-so decided to make us some-hopefully it will keep the bears away lol
      Happy T day hugs

  11. What a lovely post Kathy! Where to start?
    What a difference in Lilac plants. I hope the company will send you another one that is a bit better developed.
    I love Clematis. Is yours a Montana? They flower in spring. I used to have many different ones so to have flowers all through the season. The montanas were always the first and very prolific indeed I must say.
    I love that colour blue that you are painting the bathroom in. Well done you. I don't do much painting in the house. (shame on me)
    Lovely charm bracelet. And now that I have read one of the Yellowstone novels I understand. The bear bells are fascinating. Does that mean the bears will avoid you if they know you are coming?
    Is that gluten free? It looks like oats on the top, and oats are not gluten free.
    Well done you for doing the virtual 5k! And what a lovely medal it is. Certainly worth keeping.
    Happy T-Day

    1. Good morning Lisca, yes the bear bells are to help make enough noise so the bears avoid us-while in Yellowstone Park-we'll see lol
      actually oats are gluten free but they get contaminated from near by wheat and other gluten grain fields--so I do buy and eat only gluten free oats which are grown away from the gluten grains and are tested. the cheerios cereal company are now all gluten free oats which is pretty nifty.
      I love this medal too much nicer than I expected.
      Happy T Day
      hugs to you Kathy

    2. Oh and yes these clematis only bloom in the spring-when I bought them when we first moved here I did not know there were different varities that bloom all summer-but these are always a welcome show in the spring

  12. What a brilliant post! I love reading about your garden! You have been very busy both with your decoration and your art! I have never heard of bear bells before - but then we don't get bears here!!!! Happy T day

  13. What a busy week you've had! Glad you are making progress on your beautiful bathroom and I loved seeing your tunisian crochet, it's looking lovely :-) . Congratulations on completing your 5k Yellowstone virtual race! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

    1. thanks so much I didn't think I did allot this past week but over the weekend I made it up for it lol
      Happy T day

  14. You are such a busy woman! Great! What an intersting post - brilliant! Happy T-Day! oxo Susi

  15. Hi Kathy! I really love your Yellowstone inspired charm bracelet. It's gorgeous. It's too bad about the one lilac plant. I don't like ordering for that very reason. There's nothing like seeing what you're getting before paying. Have a great week!

  16. Whew! Kathy your one of my first stops on the T party and i'm tired I don't know how to comment on everything but i will give it a go... lol I haven't done much plant ordering. I usually buy from the big box stores.... I guess i like to see what i'm getting... But you can get different things by ordering as the stores only carry certain things..
    Love your Yellowstone charm bracelets... do you ever wear them? The other day we were walking thru a flea mrkt and i thought of you... I saw a pillow that had a wolf on it and had Yellowstone written on it... amazing huh?
    One of these days i will get to play around with plants outside...looking forward to that.. but the inside has to get done more first... Hubby talking about making me a walled garden because of the deer.. we'll see.. Your tunsian stitch is looking amazing girlfriend... keep it up! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  17. My you were busy! Exhausted reading about your week.I have a clematis. It did come back after a brutal winter one year, but not strong or showy. We'll see what it does after this year's mild winter. Love the charm bracelets and a clever idea you got about the bear bells. I'd like to see a bear, but from a very, safe distance. Congrats on your medal. Happy T Day!

  18. I'm trying to include more butterfly-attracting plants and always enjoy seeing how other people take care of their gardens :)

    I've never been out where grizzlies are, but your bracelet is attractive enough to wear just for fun regardless of function.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  19. I had not heard of virtual 5Ks before...great idea, and your medal is beautiful. Love your charm pretty! bear bells sound like an excellent idea too. I only want hugs from teddy bears, lol. happy T day!

  20. Glad your back is better, Kathy, but now carpal tunnel ... oh no. Hopefully you can adjust your stitch technique to avoid that.

    As far as I'm concerned, you can never have too many charms on a charm bracelet. A friend has a charm necklace that looks similar to your 1st photo. Every time she wears it, it's a whole meal's worth of conversation - lol.

    I'd never heard of a virtual race. What a cool idea. Congratulations!

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

    1. Hi Eileen, I agree I was quite surprised about the carpal tunnel-I am going to stop the crochet for a couple days and then see if I can figure out another way to hold everything.
      I am glad you say that about the charms-my first yellowstone bracelet has even more charms-lol this was so fun for me too and I will enjoy wearing them.
      I like the virtual races-I can do them here, and half the proceeds goes to the event--they are on facebook also here online too
      so glad you stopped by to visit Happy T Day

  21. Wow, a postwith so much in it would cover More than a week for me. All your plantings and already planted things look well. I just started some gourd seeds indoors. Now waiting for a shoot to appear. I've learned carpal tunnel is not a difficult fix, but you'd have to be so inclined toward the surgery. That means it would have to get worse, I think. My grandmother was an awesome crocheter and had to give it up in her later years because of hand issues. Don't let it get to that point. Your bracelets and cow bells are unique! Miss Calico is a lucky girl. Pretty girl too! Congrats on your medal, for a good cause feels good.
    Did you grow the camomile and lavender yourself?


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