Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fun Mail--Bison Yarn

 Good morning, I thought since I was so thrilled with my yarn that arrived I would share a photo.

  Mostly do to my upcoming Yellowstone Park trip and cause my mind is usually drawn to the 1800s lol I am into bison right now.

  Last year I found a shop on etsy that sells bison roving at a very affordable price hers is half of what I have seen at most sites.
   . My first purchase was a very small amount of cleaned bison fiber that I found on ebay-but really too pricey. I just wanted to see it at the time.
    The bison down is labor intensive as this is the extra layer of down that is grown for the winter's bitter cold. When spring arrives it rubs off on the bushes etc and needs to be hand collected.
   I hadn't realized that there are several bison ranches that sell the meat, and also the roving for spinning and yarns.

   I had found the Buffalo Wool Co online located in Texas and they offer lovely yarns and roving too for spinning Ever so often I stop by for eye candy lol and wow they were having  a super sale on some of their bison blends. The price was just too good and they have free shipping so bought some. This Happiness blend is bison-merino-bamboo. Very soft and I am think strong too. Love the color for sure.

(photos will enlarge just click on them)

       This yarn is a little finer than I had imagined. The skeins are 50 grams or 200 yards so I have 800 yards total to work with. When I purchased this I was thinking of weaving a warm scarf  I will need to figure out how far 800 yards will take me in a project.

  A couple days ago I over did it with the firewood stacking and then jumped on the ladder to work on my bathroom walls-and of course my lower back went "out" on me--so it is now painful to sit, stand, lay down etc.  as a result my bathroom project is at a standstill for now. sigh. I do this all the time to myself and should realize by now not to over do with the wheel barrel and firewood lol

   Soooo last night since I was caught up on my reading, I grabbed a bag of roving and my drop spindle to play with spinning. I still am a very beginner and may always be as my yarn is not real even still. I do enjoy the process though, and with several bags now of these practice handspun yarns I have plenty to weave with and also use in the tunisian crochet.
    Once this skein I am working on now is a little more even I am going to dig out the bison roving and see how that goes.

My friend Barbara  an artist in many things hand spins, knits and then felts it down-I think I want to try that out too.


  1. Love the Bison yarn. That's a beautiful brown.
    Have a great day!

  2. Oh, I love to learn something first thing in the morning. I had no idea you could buy Bison roving. Good thing I'm not buying anything until I use up what I have. A tough "rule" indeed. LOL.

    Thank you so much for sharing the info.



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