Sunday, March 12, 2017

I am Jumping in to Learn Something New

  Do you ever just all of a sudden find yourself wanting to learn something new-and then ask where did this come from???

  It happened to me late Friday into Saturday. 

     In July near me there is a fiber event called Fiber U full of venders and classes for two days. All fibers for weaving, spinning, crochet and classes to choose from. The event is fun, I usually buy a couple big bags of alpaca to spin. The last two years I have taken spinning classes and also a couple classes learning about fleece and the different wools.
   They just posted the 2017 class schedule on the 10th. I found two classes of interest-a natural red dyeing class and a landscape felted project. I was hoping for another spinning class but nothing this year interested me as I was hoping to take the core spinning class or an intermediate class and they did not offer either this year.
   Then I spotted a class on Tunisian crochet also called the afghan stitch or Shepherd's knitting. It is a cross of crochet and knitting. This caught my interest. I tried knitting back when I was really young and didn't like it, and never thought to learn crochet. This intrigued me so did google searches.  I want to try this now.  lol I think I will enjoy another hand project along with my weaving.
   By the time I added up fees for two classes and then their $35.00 registration fee on top of that-I decided no I am going to spend my money differently; especially since I had also spotted some bison-merino-bamboo yarn on sale with free shipping.  
    Soooo I bought the yarn, and then a book on tunisian crochet, and I found a set of  vintage tunisian crochet hooks on etsy. Now to wait til it all arrives-lol  the bison yarn I will weave with in case I decide differently.

The hook intrigued me too they have the crochet hook on the end but they are long like knitting needles. These are the ones I found.

BOYE Wrights, Diana, Afghan, Tunisian, 14 inch Aluminum, , Sizes G thru K, Small lots, Crochet Hook, Made in USA, Used Vintage

   I live very rural so no stores nearby to look for these. I checked on amazon and ebay and etsy. I have a friend on facebook that says she loves this craft-and suggested I try the Boye brand and size J   I was happy to find this set so I can try out different sizes.

  This old craft is coming into popularity again so I did find some good sites online with tutorials, free patterns. I did decide to buy a book with the different stitches

Allfreecrochet  had good information and patterns.

RedHeart also had a very informative site too

I guess I will have to find out how my left hand handles this but I think it will be ok.  

After I added up what I would spend taking classes and buying more roving to spin (or more fibers I really don't need lol)-and then adding up what I spent for the bison yarn and to get started with this crochet-the monies spent came out pretty close to even--so I am pleased with my choice.

Do any of you create with the tunisian crochet?  do you jump in like this too?? Please say that you do lol


  1. Oh yes! Not Tunisian crochet, yes(!) I know the jumping in part very well! Ive gotten that untamable urge to try something new many times! You shopped well, Kathy, and have been more conservative with outfitting yourself to try this, I admire that. I always hop in my car, go to the stores, buy everything I need, then change my mind after trying and not succeeding at what I thought I'd do forever! Lol! My daughter has inherited many supplies that way. I even set up my basement to become a basket-weaving studio. It had reeds of all sizes organized by size and color and hanging on the walls. I made one or two baskets, said to myself "Self, this isn't for you" and then totally disassembled my new studio. That was a lot of supplies, and luckily I sold them on eBay. The last craft I thought was for me, but wasn't, was mosaic tile-making. I went to an art glass store, bought sheets of beautiful glass, a tile nipping tool, grout, glue, and the list goes on. It didn't take me long to find out that wasn't for me either. I should have known, the heavy nipping tool was too much for me to handle. I am NOT good with tools! So that set of supplies now sits in my daughters apartment with many others she has inherited. Right now I'm starting a papier mache craft, and as always, I'm excited! Thankfully, there was little investment. Sure, this is probably the one that will work!

  2. PS...I should have added that I can't wait to see how this goes for you. I've noticed you have a stick-to-it kind of approach that I don't. I am sure you will conquer this. Have fun!

  3. I tried a couple of times to learn knitting but just couldn't get the hang of it. My cousin taught me crochet when I was about 20 and it's only been since my blogging days that I actually learned how to read patterns and so have been able to create much more than the one pattern she taught me all those years ago. I decided to try tunisian crochet several years ago, but then realized that a special hook was definitely required as my short little crochet hook just wasn't doing the job. I never bought the proper hooks to have a go at it again. I'll be curious to see what you are able to create. Have fun!

  4. Oh yes, Kathy, jumping is the way I operate and always have. Enthusiasm will carry you through learning this new craft. Years ago I did an afghan in Tunisian crochet. It was Denim colored yarn, and once I had that done I cross-stitched big daisy-like flowers on it, white with gold centers. We used it for over ten years, then once when a niece was visiting she used it to stay warm the whole time she stayed with us so when she left I just gave it to her. I don't know if she still has it though. There's not much use for them where she lives now in southern Texas. Anyway, I think you'll enjoy the handwork. I love my knitting and crochet. :)

  5. I learned how to crochet while pregnant with my daughter... !!30!! years ago.. and made her a baby blanket then abruptly forgot how to do it.. lol Then when the Harry Potter craze was going on i crochet myself a much MUCH too long scarf... but thats about it.. Wait until you get a better view of my craftroom kathy... I want to learn how to do EVERYTHING... So much i haven't got to.. If i don't know how to do it i have a book on it.. I cannot imagine losing the desire to learn something new, no matter how old i get... It keeps life interesting... don't ya think?? Hugs! deb

  6. I'm that way about new crafts. I'll buy enough supplies to last a life time but then fizzle out but refuse to get rid of the supplies because I just may do it again some day. :) My husband says I have more creative projects saved to do then I have days remaining to live. :( He's right but we won't tell him I know that. LOL! I did the Tunisian crochet like 40 years ago and made several beautiful things.... and then got away from it. I looked in all of my crochet supplies recently to see if I still had any hooks but couldn't find them. It has become popular again as crochet is very popular again. I'm sure you can find some good videos on YouTube.

  7. I got as far as buying a book (2 years ago) but didn't realise you needed special hooks.

    1. yes they are long like a knitting needle but with the hook on the end and just need one like in crochet

  8. I have one knitting needle with a crochet hook like that, never knew what it was for! I looked up a tutorial, and might try it!


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