Friday, March 17, 2017

Do To absolutely No Interest at All----

  I decided since this is the 4th week with no interest at all-sigh-I will not set up a link up for dutch ovens and cast iron cooking and baking on Fridays.

  Another one of those things where I have great interest but my readers don't-that's ok  no pity party here well maybe a little bit as I really thought this would be a fun sharing event.

  However, since I do love to cook-bake this way I will share what I am doing anyways. lol  and just not concern myself with no one linking up as I won't provide that any more.

   I am boiling up a St Patrick's day dinner today, and decided to bake up a apple-pear-raisin crumble. Which for me is the same as I do my pie fillings with but with no crust. I am using gluten free rolled oats-coconut sugar-coconut oil for the crumble top. 
     I lined my cast iron skillet with parchment paper first-this just went into the oven a few minutes ago.

  My lower back is still messed up, otherwise I would have set up the dutch oven to bake outdoors but that 12 qt dutch oven would have finished off my back today for sure-and it is probably a bit too windy outdoors too 

  I love the aromas in the house though.

Happy StPat days everyone-do you boil up a dinner too??


  1. We just finished our traditional potatoes, corned beef, cabbage, and Irish soda bread St. Patrick's Day dinner. I did cook this dinner, it's so easy all in one pot. The soda bread is a local bakery specialty though, so you have outdone me, Kathy. Your homemade crumble looks wonderful!

  2. No i haven't boiled up a St. Patty's Day dinner but i did decide to go out with hubby to a restaurant that offered corned beef and cabbage.... I grew up on corned beef and cabbage but i learned early in my marriage that hubby not an Irish bone one in his So I have never made more than one time in my adult life.. I can't see making a big pot just for me..But this year a restaurant down the road offered the meal and i thought why not .. its been forever since i had some... Well apparently there are different ideas on serving corned beef and cabbage.. I knew i was taking a chance... but i was a willing guinea pig.. and i was sorry for it.. sigh... My whole childhood corned beef and cabbage was served from a big soup pot with a broth... chunked cabbage, chunked potatoes, shredded corned beef throughout.. little salt and pepper and i think thats it.. Yum!! Today it was served to me on a plate...from left to right..three huge chunks of cooked carrots, one big red potato whole with skin on, three or four huge slabs of dry , tough corned beef, one wedge of cabbage... huh? maybe its geography and everybody makes it different?

    I never used dutch ovens or cast iron cooking Kathy... I have done a dump cake or two back when my daughter was in I'm so sorry you didn't find the interest you were looking for... Its too bad really.. interest in blogs as a whole is waaay loww... Too bad you can't find a group like that already started and then just join in.. i hope your back gets to feeling better my friend! Hugs! deb

  3. I have a glass top stove, so the only time I can use my cast iron skillets is on the grill in the summer. They are lovely, well seasoned pans, but all they are used for is cooking beans or corn or some other side dish next to the grilling meats. Sorry it didn't work out, it would have been fun to see some ideas. You can still share yours!

  4. I echo jinxxxgirl's comment. My Dear Husband would run from the house if I cooked anything cabbage. I do so miss sauerkraut...even after 40

    Ì love hearing about your Dutch oven and outdoor cooking even though it's very different from my current life. It's one reason it's so much fun reading the blogs of people different than ourselves.

    Aloha and thank you for sharing.


  5. I celebrated St. Patrick's Day, even though I somehow doubt I have any Irish in me. I can understand your reluctance to cook outside in a dutch oven with your back like it is. When I was 19, I dropped a cast iron skillet on the floor and the food went everywhere. That's when I learned I was born with a rare form of arthritis, so I had to give up all my beautiful and well seasoned cast iron skillets and griddle. I know you would not have been able to handle that extra weight with your back in such condition.

    Don't despair about your linky woes. I think when I started T Stands For Tuesday, there were only about three people. Now look at how many participate. It has taken three and a half years, but I am just thrilled to have so many join in each week. So don't give up. If need be, there are those of us who will help get the word out that you want to start a Friday Dutch Oven and Cast Iron Cookout.

    I ate green eggs for St. Patrick's Day and had a baked potato for dinner. I added green food coloring to my scrambled eggs, and they were actually rather scary when I went to eat them (grin). No corned beef and cabbage for me, though.


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