Wednesday, September 18, 2019

We're Home

   Seems much longer than 6 days but we are finally home from Hub's heart valve surgery.

     I was originally going to stay overnite in the hospitality rooms (furnished inside the hospital for family members that have members in the hospital and live out of town) for just a few days, and then drive back to the lake house.
     I decided it was much less stress to stay there, and at $20.00 a night, and a 16 hour cafeteria available it made more sense and was very affordable. I kept my food and decaf coffees, and a couple snacks below $15.00 a day and most days around $10.00  I was happy with their food for me-I had many healthy choices like a big salad with lots of toppings to choose from, or grilled food. I was able to work around the gluten free pretty well-and also keep the carbs down. Although one day I needed comfort food so I ordered really nice french fries with a grilled hamburger with swiss cheese (no bread) with lettuce tomato etc.
  Hubs menu was pretty bad. In my college days way way back when I studied nutrition classes for two years, I shook my head at the menu. They gave him a cardiac diet to choose from, but they had bad choices for someone also needing diabetic choices-everything had starch as a side with gravy-not very healthy-he ate mostly salads, soups, and fresh fruit, and jello. even their yogurt was not sugar free.

   I am one of those people that gets lost without trying-so since I was on my own I made it a point to take notes and pay attention. There was allot of walking and going up and down elevators. The main lobby is the South area which is where the cafeteria and shops, etc are and 7th floor was my room. ICU was the North elevators-so I am guessing at least a mile of walking if not more to get to that area. and then back again for food and my room. After ICU he was in a room where I had to walk down to the West elevators and then back to the South for my room. I didn't mind the walks. The biggest complaint was the entire hospital was freezing-and since we have been 95 degrees and higher with the humidity index never would have thought to bring a sweat shirt. The gift shop should have been selling some for sure, they would have made money. So I asked for blankets to wrap up in and they gave them to me for each area-waiting room for surgery, ICU, and his last room.  I ended up losing two pounds-watching what I ate and walking-so that was good haha

   The operation went well, but this is going to be a tough recovery-three months of cardiac therapy, and probably several weeks to get stronger, and less pain. They changed one of the heart medicines to warafin which I am not happy about. We already need to watch his diet for heart healthy and diabetic healthy and this pill adds more restrictions. We have to really watch the food on this one. Must consume very very small amounts of foods with Vit K in them-which is all your healthy dark green veggies. and this medicine has to be monitored with blood tests for a month-by a visiting nurse-I also talked with the pharmacist today when I went to pick up this medicine and she said it was key to eat similiar meals every day or the medicine doseage is off.
     We see the surgeon in two weeks so I for sure will have more questions about this medicine, it is also bad for the kidneys too. so I am a little anxious about all this.

  Just wanted to pop in with an update.

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  1. Glad to hear all went well, and that you were able to stay by your hubby. Great that they have family rooms there. Hope he is soon really on the mend and that the tablets help. All the best for you both, hugs, Valerie

  2. Glad to hear you are home. When my husband had bypass surgery it was a tough recovery and like you, it was not a good hospital food experience. In fact the nutritionist came in and when asked about his foods she said she didn't know he was on a kidney diet, as this was before his transplant. Lesson learned, you need to be your own self advocate. But once he heals Ithink life will be much better for him and you.

  3. Thank heaven, this is now history. Recovery takes time, effort and commitment, but a new life awaits. It will be worth all the hard work. Stay well!

  4. With hubby's heart bypass i can commiserate with you... Hubby also has diabetic issues. Its been about 2 1/2 months since his surgery and he is going thru rehab twice a week. All in all he's doing pretty good.. His stamina has been the hardest thing to get back... tires easily. Hang in there Kathy. All will be well.. Take care of yourself. Hugs! deb

  5. I know this has been a stressful time for you. Valve surgery is a tough one, but don't be upset by the new medication. The last thing you want is clots forming at the surgical site. One day at a time, sending virtual hugs to you.

  6. I'm glad you're back home safe and sound and that they offered you a helpful place to stay at the hospital. We've found it odd how the cardiac diet suggested by health professionals is so at odds with the diabetic diet they recommend *sigh* It makes it hard :(

    I'm glad they'll be monitoring that new medication. It's difficult when you get used to a regimen and then they make major changes. I'm hoping the wintertime will be a good low-key time of year to go through this recovery process. I hope his healing is steady and speedy and uneventful :)

  7. I am thankful you gave us the update. I was quite worried about you.

    To be honest, I've not heard good things about Warafin. There's a new regimen you can use that attaches to the body and regulates everything. It's too bad the cardiac diet and the diabetic diet counter each other. At least he will be less tempted to be out and about working in the winter. More rest for him.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and him, dear Kathy.

  8. It was good to read that you are back home and that the stay in hospital went well for your husband. I hope he will have a good recovery and the tablets work out okay.
    Take care of yourself as well Kathy, thinking of you both.
    Yvonne xx

  9. Glad things went well for your Hubs. Hospital food is the pits. I used to work in a hospital laboratory and the cafeteria food was dreadful. So bad that we once had an outbreak of salmonella because of shrimp in seafood newburg that had gone off. Fortunately, that day I had brought my own lunch. But I ended up being in charge of sending lab samples to the state labs for testing. Glad you had healthier and affordable choices for food. I think recovery will go well for you both as your lake house looks so peaceful. Be well.

  10. I'm so pleased to hear that you are home and your hubby's surgery went well! It's amazing that you could stay with him, I've never heard of such a facility and we don't have anything like that here. Thinking of you both and sending your hubby wishes for a speedy recovery 😀. Happy Friday and weekend! Hugs, Jo x


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