Friday, September 20, 2019

December Fabric Journal Page for 2018 Completed & Silk Hankies

Several weeks before Hub's surgery I engrossed myself into my 2018 fabric journal pages. This is one project I really wanted to complete by this year's end.

    At the woods home my florescent lighting above my desk in that craft room does not work in the summer time when it is hot. Never could figure that one out as we have the central air. So it was always too dark in there to work on a close project like this. Then we spent months looking for lake houses etc mid 2018 and actually most of 2019 just got away from us too.
   Sometimes this just happens in our lives.

  A few days before his surgery date, I worked on the December page-it really kept my mind from "freaking out" over everything.  I finished it very late the night before, and just now took a look at it and decided it was finished.
   Next up is sewing together the 6 months of pages into the second book.

  I took this photo a few days before the surgery-these guys are fun to watch-although they can get themselves into allot of mischief. We also seem to have lots of the small grey squirrels here too.
  To the left of those pots is where we buried our Miss Calico-covered a large area with many rocks-and my rock that I wrote on with permanent markers did stay on-just can not see it when wet after a rain-so that pleased me.

Also the day before we left for the surgery-I wanted to try spinning the silk hankies. I am not sure I would enjoy spinning any more of this.
    I even wrote to the seller that I was having difficulty seperating the thin layers-and found it very hard to draft out-into smaller roving to spin-the fibers do not slide apart like wool does. I actually thought when she dyed this her water was too hot for silk-I may try dyeing some white silk hankies and dye myself.
    She told me it is a challenge at first to get the layers apart, and that she would never spin it herself-she stretches it out and then knits with it that way.-so I think I will weave with it that way as well
   Always fun for me to try something new in fibers. Saori weaving style (free form-anything goes) will work out great for this spun silk
  I am spinning more buffalo and finally happy that it is not so thick. I can't get anymore of this as the person selling it below wholesale prices has moved from West Yellowstone and gave up her business. So I was glad I kept buying more of this roving at the time-I love spinning this buffalo fiber-very short fibers-very soft-just very hands on spinning experience for me. My mind would just put me back in Yellowstone and those mountain day pioneer days-haha If I could really time travel that is where I would go for sure.

  Happy weekend everyone!!


  1. I was on my way out the door to spend the weekend out of town, but had to stop long enough to catch up on your life. Your December spread is gorgeous. I'm so impressed it is finished, too, except for putting the pages together, of course.

    Seems those hankies are harder than they seem. Have a super weekend and stay dry, too.

  2. Wow, I love your December page, Kathy! My eye just navigates easily all around it. Beautiful placements. The silk hankies are so lovely as they are that I had to buy them. But I won’t be able to do much with them either. The silk strands are near impossible to handle and I don’t weave. But you do, maybe Saori style will work!

  3. Sounds like you have a little time. Hope your husband is is recovering well.

  4. I wish the best to your husband, Kathy.
    Miss Calico will always be in your heart, my friend.
    And your December page is really beautiful. I enjoyed the video.
    Happy weekend, sweetie.

  5. Congrats on finishing your 2018 fabric journal. Such a nice way to document your months. Do you plan to make more?

  6. Glad you are finding time for your hobbies. Take care of yourself, all the best for hubby's recovery, too. Hugs, Valerie

  7. I trust your husband's recovery is going smoothly.

    The fabric journal looks like a wonderful way to keep those memories. The elements go together so well on the page.

  8. Lovely December spread. I love the pearl snow though I don't want to see any real snow. Sounds like you're enjoying your craft room in the new house. Hope all is well with your Hubs.

  9. A nice post Kathy and your December fabric page looks lovely.
    Hope all is going well for your husband,
    Yvonne xx


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