Tuesday, September 12, 2017

We Have a Winner for my Corn Husk Paper Challenge

  Good evening everyone, I am going to be running errands in the morning so decided to draw a winner late tonight.

   Two of you had an interest in my corn husk paper challenge so I put the two names on slips of papers folded to same size and tossed them around and had hubs choose one. The winner is Valerie-Jael  

  I want to thank both Valerie and Erika for showing an interest in my challenge. If she decides not to do this do to cost of postage I understand and will give the challenge to Erika.
   I have decided to send along three of my papers to Valerie-one for her, one for me, and one piece for her to use as an experiment to see how the paper reacts to different mediums-paints, stamps etc. I did add gelatin to the pulp to help with the pens and inks not to run but this is my first time using plant materials from the raw plant to make paper so this is all new to me too. Sounds fun to me.

   I am excited hope Valerie is too


  1. Yes, Valerie is excited! Thanks a lot, and I will start thinking about what to make and to send to you. Thanks for a fun challenge! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Good luck with this. I have a need for using the same paper, which I made only one sheet. Need an idea for it!

    2. Good luck with this. I have a need for using the same paper, which I made only one sheet. Need an idea for it!

  2. How exciting - we will for sure see what the artists will create with your amazing papers! Super!

  3. I think you chose wisely, even if it was the luck of the draw. I know Valerie will do a great job giving you exactly what will make you happy. Had I known you were offering an extra sheet, I might have considered it, too. But having only two sheets makes it hard, even when you devote both to the project.

    Congrats to Valerie. Believe me, she won't worry about the cost of postage.

  4. I got back too late to leave a contest comment. Oh well. Another time.

  5. Congrats to Valerie. I bet you will get a gorgeous piece.

  6. I hope you share what she makes, I'll be interested to see it. Congratulations, Valerie.

  7. Interesting and nice of you to do that, and congrats to Val. Greetings!


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