Tuesday, September 19, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday & Roasting Coffee Beans & Autumn Magazines

Good morning, 
   Hi everyone, especially to the T Partiers since today is Tuesday where we share a drink related post. I have really enjoyed this group and reading about their travels and art. To join us click on the link in the right column. Thank you Bleubeard and Elizabeth our hostess each week for making this event so much fun 

   I do not have much new to share with you this week. Yesterday I did finish the first section of my hallway and it is now ready to put the final paint on. I will start with ceiling today. I am mostly anxious to see if I love the grey I chose for the walls. I added allot more texture with the tissue papers this time than I did in the bathroom walls. The two areas will look a bit different-I am hoping.

  I have been able to stick with my walking and yesterday finally was able to make the 5k or 3 miles.  With the weather change that gets to my asthma a bit when the seasons change over -it took me over a week to get back to the 3 so yeah me lol

  On my walks the goldenrod is in full bloom-I love that plant especially since I had finally accomplished a lovely yellow with it in the dye pot a couple years ago. For me if I did not take it out of the dye pot right away when I got the yellow it would turn to a brown-a pretty brown but not what I wanted  The goldenrod always makes me smile; at it's peak so beautiful 

  Our friend's teenage son has gotten into roasting coffee beans-he loves the process. He buys them green and then roasts them. He handed hubs a small bag of them since he always compliments him on the flavor of the coffee.
   I decided to roast them the old mountain man way-in a very hot cast iron skillet-but not over a camp fire instead over a gas stove flame.  The beans did not roast even and I did not want to burn them which I read is easy to do so took them off the heat after 10 minutes. The articles I had read said to roast for 8 to 10 minutes. and I asked our young friend about them roasting uneven and he tells me that is normal doing at home
   Hubs said the coffee was good though. Here are a few photos.

I did totally forget to take a photo of the brew-it was lighter in the cup than regular coffee.


   For me now a days, purchasing magazines is a splurge and a treat. I love mail so for awhile I was receiving quite a few-quilt magazines, cooking magazines and others of interest to the both of us. I think they are too expensive now especially since the main stream ones are quite thin with loads of ads and they refer back to their website for the recipe and more of the article-I don't like that.

    I do enjoy Mary Jane Farm's magazine that I read cover to cover and then since she uses recycled paper I make my handmade paper with it.

   I did subscribe for one year a spinning magazine named Ply which is written and sold from here in Missouri. The owner is a very accomplished spinner and has a couple spinning videos on Craftsy. This magazine is quite thorough on the subject like buying a small book almost.

   In the fall especially I love a good food magazine for ideas. I have been hunting for the new Pioneer Woman's magazine which sells out fast-I finally got a copy last week at Wal Mart. I have also run into a new magazine about cast iron cooking-baking that has some really good recipes in them.

   So when we went shopping at Sam's Club last week I went to their magazine rack and Wow I found several to bring home with me. They were even selling Sift which is a new baking magazine by King Arthur Flour. The one I picked up was all about sourdough baking.
     The recipes in all of theses below that I picked up look wonderful using lots of sweet potatoes and fall fruits and veggies,  so I am excited to try some of these new recipes.
   I even picked up the new Farmer's Almanac which I have not done in a few years. 

note all photos will enlarge just click on them

   What magazines do you enjoy??

                                       Taste of South Fall Baking

As you can see in the photos I am enjoying a cup of my herbal decaf brew-this time no cream. I love this cup it is a big one but not heavy and well balanced. Probably over 12 years ago now when I was doing more quilting this quilt shop was sending along this free cup with an order.

Happy T Day everyone!!


  1. Well done with the walking! And wow that roasted coffee beans look amazing and I bet that semlled just delicious!
    No magazines for me - too expensive here in my country- I love to read all kind of magazines online for free on ISSUU.com - they have enough for me there to read.
    I wish you a very happy T-Day and a good rest of the week dear Kathy!
    oxo Susi

  2. You are always so busy and do such a lot at home, I love reading about it. I don't buy any magazines these days, they are too expensive, but I sometimes get used ones from my neighbours. Love the idea of roasting our own coffee beans, that must smell great. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. mmmm I can just smell that wonderful pan of roasted coffee beans...
    I too love going through magazines but currently only have a subscription to Oprah magazine. They can be expensive and as you said many are getting thinner with more ads and then referring you to their website for things. I do love buying art/craft books, travel and cooking related either thru Amazon or discount booksellers. Always fun to try a new recipe :) Happy T day!

  4. Kathy, this is a chock full post for a not many things to show week! Only response I have is about magazines, I'm not a fan like you. Actually, my husband has always loved them, and now he has the ultimate magazine in his computer on the Internet. The problem with that is it never ends, so addiction is a risk for magazine lovers. Lol.

  5. Congrats on getting back to walking goals. I need to start doing that again. I stopped when my back got so bad early spring. I rarely buy magazines at all anymore. I found that I wasn't reading them and they just set there taking up space. The cast iron one look interesting but I can't use cast iron on my new stove :( Hate that!

  6. The coffee roasting sounds like something I would enjoy. It'd be fun to try it. Your roasted beans look nice. :)

    I don't read magazines. We used to subscribe to quite a few: National Geographic, Smithsonian, Games, Omni, Time ... but when money got tight we let them lapse. Now the money's better, but we got out of the habit.

    Happy T Tuesday

  7. Congrats on your walking!. I love the smell of coffee, but not the taste. As a kid, I liked to stand next to the grinder at the A&P where customers could have A&P's 8 O'Clock blend ground. I gave up magazines,too, because of the expense. I used to get Letter Arts Review, and Somserset Studios. My mother used to get a Taste of Home so I'd read that when I visited. My elderly neighbor used to give me Ladies' Home Journal, Family Cirlce, and Women's Day when she was finished. Happy T Day

  8. What a full and entertaining post. I was delighted to read your hall is nearly finished. I look forward to seeing the completed project.

    I have friends who own a coffee roaster. I'd never heard of roasting them in a skillet, but if it works, I think that's amazing. I'd love to give it a try sometime myself, but I haven't owned a cast iron skillet for years. Had to give them up after one slipped out of my hand from lack of grip when I was 19.

    I used to get free magazines because the company wanted to entice you to buy them after your "free" trial was over. Now I get none, except a few trade magazines I still get because of my membership in an engineering organization I belong to. I couldn't believe Ree was putting out a magazine. And to think her fame and popularity all began on her blog! Is there hope for us (GRIN)?

    Thanks for sharing your lovely mug of herbal decaf with us, along with your magazines, your coffee roasting skills, and your walking achievement with us for T this Tuesday.

  9. Your roasted beans look like they will make an awesome cup of coffee.
    I was interested in your magazine list. recently I have caught a few of the Pioneer Woman's cookery shows here in the UK. I liked her no fuss attitude to cooking, but noticed she does use a lot of plastic bags to store her food. How does she recycle those on the ranch I wondered.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Wow, roasting your own coffee beans looks so much fun and I bet they taste wonderful too! I sometimes buy crafting magazines if they have a freebie with them that I like such a stamps 😀. I would enjoy all your magazines and I really like the Pioneer Woman too. I have a couple of her cookbooks and we always watch her shows on TV 😁. I even have some of cinnamon rolls in the freezer that I made from her recipe - I bet you can't guess what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow now ...lol! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  11. Oh, I forgot to say that we also get a monthly magazine about beer that I really enjoy and also an online photography magazine 😁. Happy reading! J x

  12. Ooh, I love magazines, too! I love flipping thru cooking magazines at the library, and if I see a recipe that I want to try, then I jot it down. The King Arthur flour magazine is a new one for me. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. I bet it is good--I have had success with King Arthur recipes in the past.
    Happy T Day!

  13. Mostly I get my magazines from the exchange rack at the library. For years I subscribed to Bon Appetit and my mother and I would get on the phone and read them together. I enjoy Carolina Gardener, and need to subscribe to it. MIL gifts me with a quilting mag subscription every Christmas, and DH puts a Farmer's Almanac in my stocking each year. I've been reading a new-to-me one called Creative Expressions. I found some old copies and have been captivated. I like Australian Quilter too. And Cooks Illustrated and, and.... LOL, how much time do you have?

  14. I am glad you found that Sift magazine because I didn't know there was a new one out. I like that magazine and I need to look for it. (or should I say I knead to look for it? ha-ha) I don't subscribe to any magazines but every now and again I go into Barnes and Noble and spend too much cash on them. But they are a pleasure to look at for sure. Happy T day Kathy. Hugs-Erika

  15. How interesting to see you roasting your own coffee beans kathy! I'm glad hubby liked the coffee! I LOVE all the art magazines.. Cloth Paper Scissors especially but they are all too expensive.. i won't pay $15 for a magazine.. Happy T day my friend! Hugs! deb

  16. great coffee roasting Experiment!
    i seldom buy magazines. a few years ago i had subscriptions to some somerset magazines, but they are extremely expensive and got more and more boring (my opinion), lots of repetitions. sometimes a cooking or gardening mag catches my eye at a booth, but not really often.
    happy belated t-day!

  17. I am glad you found that Sift magazine because I didn't know there was a new one out.

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