Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The New Jumbo Flyer Stained

  This past July at the Fiber U event in my nearby town,  along with roving, and alpaca socks, I also picked up the jumbo flyer for my Ashford Traveler wheel.

  It has been so hot and humid here that I was waiting for a dryer day. This morning early I decided to do this since we have lots of rain coming in. I had also gotten myself side tracked with my drop spindle-which I am so pleased with myself improving-finally. The one skein on the niddy noddy set up so well-I love it. This next spindle full I have the yarn even a little finer-happy dancin'

  I wanted to first make sure the maiden fit ok on my wheel and it does. My wheels are both with a dark stain so that is what I used. I did these pieces outdoors and then brought them in for safe keeping-they roll around too easily.

   The neat thing about this unit-and Ashford always builds things so well, is that I don't have to change the maiden back for the smaller flyer-they have a little piece that fits into the hole that makes it smaller for the other flyer to fit-love that!
   I really can't wait to set this up along with the new flax drive band and play with some art yarn-I think that will be allot of fun.

  I did get my quilt finished and off the frame. I need to clear floor space in order to lay this out-and work out the binding. One side has allot of excess that needs to be cut off too.  So once I get to that, I will just work up both quilts and get the bindings on.

  Busy busy with fall coming in-


  1. Congrats on the finer drop spindling! I'm so eager to get better. Good luck with the quilt binding, it's a big one!

  2. Love the color of your flyer. You're right, Ashford makes beautiful and solid merchandise. I love my Ashford Elizabeth. I stained mine a dark mahogany.
    Can't wait to see the quilts finished.

  3. Looks good. Can't wait to see your new yarns!


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