Friday, September 9, 2016

Romney Locks Progress & Review of a Beautiful Book

 Good morning Friday

I have really enjoyed spinning with these romney locks with my spindle. 

I spin a little and then flick more locks to add to my basket-at this rate I will have this batch finished by end of September or before. 
     I have been waking up way too early lately and just can't get back to sleep-so I have just gotten up and spun. Very relaxing for me and this morning it's raining-so nice.
    I am sitting on a big pillow on the floor with an old flannel backed table cloth and a sheet spread out to contain the soil from flicking the locks-helps keep me more limber getting up and down from the floor too. lol

Also, the yarn is a little more even now too after the first spindle full
    Next up to decide how I want to dye this. I have several choices of natural dyes that I bought at Fiber U last year-logwood, indigo powder, madder or the goldenrod has started to bloom too for more yellows. Not sure yet. (photos will enlarge)

Those of you that love sheep and wool and if you love to knit socks;  I wanted to share with you a new book I just bought. Just came in the mail yesterday and this is a lovely book. In the Footsteps of Sheep by Zawinski.   and the price is all over the place when I searched online up to over a hundred dollars. I found the best price on Amazon with free shipping.

 I agree with all the reviews that I read on Amazon that this would have been nicer if it had been a hardcover book instead of just a paper cover but I think they do that to keep the cost down. This will be like reading a good novel I think so will have to be careful with the cover.
    Allot of the reviews mentioned they were disappointed that the author did not share a photo of herself spinning-which I can see that would have been nice to include since this is her journey spinning and knitting. 
      I do love the book so far.
   This book is a story about a lady that decided to hike and travel through Scotland with her camping gear, hand spindle, and knitting needles. She wanted to gather loose fleece from the different breeds of native-wild sheep. This book is full of lovely photos and the story of her journey. She is a great story teller. At the end of each sheep breed she shares a pattern for knitted socks. 
   I almost did not buy the book since I do not knit-but I have a friend that loves to knit socks so I can share the patterns with her. I was intrigued with the tube sock pattern and there was also a pair with sheep motifs using north ronaldsay (which I have-the sheep that live on seaweed)

What creativity projects are you working on??

I am making progress with the knot tying on my quilt-I have one half almost completed. We have had a really busy week so have not been able to work on the quilt every day

Happy Weekend to all of you


  1. The owner of my local yarn/spinning shop (I'm lucky to have this only 12 miles away!) says Romney is her favorite wool for spinning. She buys it in bulk from a local sheep farm, then she dies it at home before offering it in her shop. I just bought but haven't used yet, 4ozs. for $11.00. It's a bargain for me as I have no interest in dying, I will leave that to her. :)
    Your yarn is looking good, Kathy! If you don't dye it, you could ply it with a another colored yarn. I love that two-color twisted look.

  2. Your single on the niddy noddy looks great! The book sounds interesting, too bad I can't preview it on Amazon. I'm probably too picky about the patterns I use and wonder if they are all knit from the top to the bottom or what.
    Have a great weekend! Send rain!

  3. Your spinning is coming along quite nicely! :) I just popped over to Amazon and ordered a copy of your recommended reading. I'm not weaving quite yet, need to get a few parts for the new loom and don't have the money at the moment; she is nice and shiny now though which makes me feel good!

    It's wicked humid and hot here so the central air is on and I'm being pretty lazy today. I get energetic later in the early afternoon so for now I guess I'll go make a cappuccino and read.
    Hugs for now and have a great weekend!!!

  4. Your spun wool looks so smooth! Nicely done ;) I've never spun anything, but I do like to knit. Your book sounds very interesting, and I like the concept. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for the recommendation.

  5. The book does look interesting and your spinning is really coming along well. I'm thinking I might try my hand at crocheting again soon to see if my hands can handle it. I've come across a couple of patterns I really want to try :)


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