Monday, December 2, 2019

T Stands for Tuesday & Photos of my Doings

  Hi everyone,
     Can you believe it our first T in December 2019 already-allot has happened this past year for us but the time has still just flown by so fast

  Just a short post this week-mostly photos.

Today (Monday) I started zig zagging around all of the denim pieces for the cushions-they were already beginning to ravel a bit-took longer than I thought it would. I also am zig zagging up the ties-I sew three rows down the folded strip that work really well. My last cushions that I am replacing lasted 20 years of every day use. I still have the rest of those ties to finish up-and then the sewing together begins

I am hooked on watching the St louis Blues hockey games-they are soooo much fun to watch-very fast paced, lots of action,I am really enjoying it.
   I always like to make a fleece or flannel couch blanket for my favorite teams. When I made one for the Royals I found a piece half price at for very thick fleece-I loved it. So I checked there again and found this fabric half off-which saves me allot of money-this one is thinner but will still be warm and cozy. I will work on this after the cushions are done.

Now that we live in a home where all the floors are finished-I dug out my alpaca slipper socks-they are soooo warm and they have these cute little alpaca rubber pieces on the bottoms. These are the warmest socks ever-I don't like wearing shoes in the house.

I just came down the steps from walking up to our mailbox and spotted the eagle sitting up there in his (or her) favorite spot-so I grabbed the camera-zoomed in from the front door and got these photos.
    We also saw two large flocks of pelicans fly by during our 2 pm meal and just now lots of seagulls flying around.  and of course the crane is back fishing from the docks.

I love thick flannel sheets for our bed. Last year about this time I found carries them for a very good price but they sell out really fast. I almost forgot to check but I managed to get one of the prints I like. Most were sold out already. They came this morning so they are all washed and dried and on the bed. I love them.

I topped it with one of my Mom's quilts that she had paid the Amish women to hand quilt for her.

and this is the set I bought last year-they just came out of the dryer-I love both of these prints and the sheets are very thick and soft

Oh and I almost forgot to share a pretty card I just got in the mail over the weekend-for my October birthday from our Deb I love it thank you Deb

For my drink reference this week-I opened up this bottle of wine to go with our Saturday turkey dinner, and have been enjoying it now for the last few days We don't drink real sweet reds-this one is just right-not too dry not too sweet I bought this last year at Aldi

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Happy T everyone, and so glad when you stop by for a visit


  1. Those sheets and blankets and slippers make me want to wrap up in something warm. We don't get hard winters here but it is wet and dark and still feels like life needs something soft and cuddly.

  2. I always enjoy visiting your wonderful bird-watching spot :) You found the perfect place! I wear footies with rubber bits on the bottom and love them, but yours look thicker than mine. The flannel sheets look cozy. Mother used to swear by hers, but I've never had any. Your wine glass is a lovely shape, and a pinot noir sounds like just the thing with a Thanksgiving turkey. Happy T Day!

  3. I have flannel sheets on my bed right now. They are teddy bears and SO cute. I should take a photo one of these days. I love the flannel sheets and you did good, because yours are beautiful. The blanket is pretty, too. I love the deer.

    Gotta love the eagles. Beautiful photos. So clear and look at the moody blue sky, too.

    After seeing your adorable alpaca socks/booties, I remembered I may have a pair of those, too. However, like Divers and Sundry, mine aren't as thick as yours.

    What a beautiful glass you chose for your wine. Although I don't drink wine, I always appreciate others who do.

    I wanted to mention that the stout beer you talked about, in Kansas, you can't buy beer, wine, OR liquor in a grocery store, just in state regulated alcohol outlets. Thanks for letting me know, though.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us, including your sewing, the eagles. your cozy bedding, and your wine with us for T this almost Tuesday.

  4. Kathy you sure get some great bird life at the lake. I always think of pelicans as belonging down on the gulf coast, but I did see some when I went to North Dakota last summer so I learned something new. I saw an eagle the other day also. Aren't they amazing? And I am also a flannel sheet fan. Mine are plain grey but they sure feel good on this cold nights. Sounds like you had a lot of fun making your team blanket. They deserve to be made into a blanket after winning last the cup last year. Hugs-Erika

  5. Now this might be a stupid question (American Football is my choice) - is it like really cold in your stadium?
    Cool blanket.

    Ha-ha! See, my FIL always jokes where the other one sleeps. Ha! Your bed is ours size, too :-)

    Snail mail really gets a cute face here (happy belated Birthday).

    You have ALDI, too? Seesh, I remember when there was only ALDI north and south in Germany!

  6. Lots of lovely things you are making, and love the warm bedding, just right for this time of the year. Fab photos, how nice to have eagles so near, what a dream! Happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  7. you have me all warm and cozy now with your sheets, blankets and socks! I too love flannel sheets. I have a pair of alpaca socks , and yes, they are so warm and lovely. I'll have a glass of that Pinot with you:) Happy T day!

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing the cushion photos once they're done. I like that sports team fabric that you got to make a blanket with. It's nice to see the Eagle(s) still hanging around. Maybe they are there year round. (I think I've read that sometimes once they're done breeding, they fly away elsewhere, but then they return to the same nesting site each year.) Your flannel sheets look soft and warm. I use flannel sheets year round, even in the Summer. I think they are softer than anything else, so now they are all I use. Lovely birthday card. Happy T-Day!

  9. Cozy socks, flannel sheets, quilts, and blankets are perfect for today as it is round 2 of a snowstorm. I'd love flannel sheets on the bed, but hot flashes! 😺 Happy T Day

  10. A super post Kathy, you bed sheets look so cozy and warm and I think your feet will be warm in your alpaca socks. Lovely photos of the eagle, does he get brave and get closer to your house, now winter is on its way.
    Happy T day wishes Kathy
    Yvonne xx

  11. Your flannel sheets and blankets look so warm and cozy, and I'm loving your alpaca sock slippers too 😁. Your throw cushions look amazing, denim is such a hard wearing fabric and I bet they look amazing with the ties that you are adding too. I'll happily join you for a glass of wine and a yummy turkey dinner too 😉. Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  12. Wow, that eagle! You get to become a bird watcher at this rate. How wonderful!
    Your denim is coming on. What a lot of work though.
    I love your flannelette sheets. I love it. To slip in such a cosy bed makes me go to bed earlier. But we use duck down duvets, and duvet covers in flannelette are difficult to find. I have to have them sent over from Holland or UK. I have a nice christmassy one too and I will show it as soon as I have changed the bed this week.
    I don't like taking my shoes off, and since the whole house is tiled, I prefer to wear my shoes/booties or a pair of lined Crocks.
    I smiled at your birthday card with the snail. So sweet. Better late than never.
    And that looks like a nice drop of wine. Cheers!
    Happy T-Day to you,

  13. Your sheets are very woodsy and festive. I love the print. I love flannel sheets because there is no chill to the sheets when you get in bed but my hubby complains that they are too warm so we don't use them. Your socks look very warm and soft. Perfect for indoor use.
    I bet your blanket will be warm and perfect for when you are watching games.
    Happy Tea Day,

  14. Ohhh You have been very very busy Kathy !! Your hot flannelle sheets are really beautiful !! I love them. Want to have your socks too, they look very warm yes.
    Happy T-day !! Good wine, and lovely card from your friend. Love the so cute birds.
    I wish you a very nice day/afternoon, and send biig hugs,

  15. Lots going on there, and as much as I love the flannel sheet prints, my eye went directly to the bed post itself. I love that bed frame!!

  16. You live in such a great place for bird watching. My hubby would love it there. Thanks for sharing your birds with us. Looks like lovely warm sheets and quilts. I think it is time for us to get the flannel sheets out. Happy T Day!

  17. Those socks look so warm and we put our flannel sheets on a few weeks ago! Your views are so beautiful! Stay warm! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  18. I love the projects you're working on, Kathy. Re-covering your cushions with used denim and making a couch blanket for your team at such a bargain. Awesome! Your alpaca socks are cool too. I buy similar cheaper stretchy yarn socks like that. They have little rubber dots on the bottom so they're non-slip. I wear them around the house when our weather gets cold. They're so comfy!

    Belated happy birthday! How sweet of Deb to remember. Who cares if it's a bit late? It's a nice surprise this way.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  19. Sewing denim is sometimes a tough job, I think it would be beautiful for cushions ! Alpaca slipper socks oh my gosh, that sounds heavenly! I’m all for cosy blankets and flannel sheets as well, and Nothing like an eagle spotting to make ones day !

  20. Must be quite a thrill to have an eagle living near your house! Great pics.


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