Monday, August 7, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday and Update on Spinning

  Hello everyone,
      I am joining in with T Stands for Tuesday where we share a beverage related post.
    Our hostess is Bleubeard and Elizabeth. To join in at the T Party please click on button in my right hand column.

  The talk of the weather this week is--lots of rain, storms and temps that feel like September-fall days--Loving it!

   Last week I showed how I was using my blending board to make rolags for spinning with baby alpaca and bison fibers.  I did a niddy noddy full and decided I didn't care for it. The lengths of the two fibers were just too different. and I really didn't want the yarn to be varigated. What I had envisioned was the fibers to be more blended-to accomplish that I would need to hand card the two together on fine carders.
   After thinking about that, I decided I really wanted bison fiber spun not a blend with another fiber. I think doing it by hand would have taken away from the character of the bison fiber.

  When I had first purchased the bison fiber and tried to spin it with my drop spindle it was too fragile to do that, that is where I got the idea I needed to blend it with something else. 
    On my new fb group a member suggested to spin it with a supported spindle. I tried this out with my drop spindle-just put the point into a vintage glass salt bowl-it went much better-and then I got to thinking two years ago at a hand spindle class that I had taken,  I received a modified russian support spindle. It is modified because it has a hook on the top instead of only a point. With my hands now it is a struggle to make yarn with the traditional-but after a spindle full with my  modified russian-wow I was so thrilled-couldn't get enough spinning bison fiber and more bison fiber in fact after two years this is finally the nicest yarn I have ever spun.

  Sooooo even more excited now with my accomplishement

I also started spinning the baby alpaca fiber on my drop spindle-loving it.

    Over the weekend I had just enough cucumbers from my garden and garden sweet peppers from a neighbor to make my chunky sweet relish. A two day process from start to canned

For my beverage I decided on a diet lemon lime soda with a splash of gluten free vodka.
   When I was going through boxes of packed items I found two of these pottery glasses. I used to have a whole set of these dishes-loved them-now I am down to most of the serving pieces, cups and these glasses-they go well with my handmade pottery pieces.

and for a treat-so nice to have a gas stove-I made me a s'more with cinnamon gluten free graham crackers and a well toasted marshmallow

Happy T Day everyone!

Oh and today I had a soap making day. I use the all natural melt and pour glycerin soaps that are creamy with butters, goat milk and buttermilk, honey. I had a small order for a friend and since I needed soap for me I made several bars just for me.
   This one is in my favorites list-calendula soap that I add in loads of calendula petals. The color in the petals also colors the white soap base a bit too-

  Today I also made soap where I added in pink himalayan salt to the soap and for a third bar I also filled up soap in large dragonfly molds. Bathing fun!!

salt bars out of the molds


  1. Hi Kathy, lovely to see the wonderful yarn you are spinning and to hear how you make it. Your relish looks mouth watering good, and the soap is a dream, wonderful! Happy T Day to you, hugs, Valerie

  2. Your yarn looks lovely and I really enjoyed seeing the photos you shared of the yarns and the tools you use to spin it.
    The soaps all look so luxurious, the design molds are so pretty. I think I would want to keep them on display and not use them.
    Happy T day, the marshmallow treat looked delicious.
    Yvonne xx

  3. The bison yarn looks gorgeous, I'm so pleased that you found a way of making it work :-) . Wow, the soaps you made are amazing, they look so pretty and creamy. I bet they smell delicious too :-) . Your drink and s'mores sound perfect - wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  4. So glad you found a way to spin your bison yarn. Sounds like you now know what you need to do to get this ready for the next step. Can't wait to see the rest of the alpaca take shape, too.

    Your relish looks great. I can't believe you got all that done. I've canned about four times and decided I didn't want to do it again. It's SO time consuming.

    I've never made that type of soap. Is it difficult? I use lye and fats and measure everything, then beat the heck out of the soap until it traces. Yours looks absolutely adorable. It is simply beautiful. I don't get that because mine sits for several days before I can cut it.

    I was at Aldi today, among other places, and saw an entire section of glutton free products. I think it was called "Live G Free." I was surprised because I've not seen so many glutton free products before. Even General Mills has gotten on the g free bandwagon. I am sure that is super good news to you.

    That pottery glass is beautiful. I bet you are glad you found them, even if it wasn't a complete set anymore. Thanks for sharing your glass filled with diet lemon-lime and glutton free Vodka with us for T this almost Tuesday.

  5. That bison yarn looks beautiful Kathy. Its such a wonderful color. I love seeing and reading about all your spinning. I haven't made relish for a long time, but you are inspiring me. :) I love seeing all your creative endeavors each week. You are a busy lady making such cool things. :) We finally got the cooler weather too, and I can understand you enjoying it. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  6. The bison yarn is really looking great!!! I wish I had learned to spin before my hands gave out. Too late for me now. I need to make some soaps too. I actually had to buy soap this week... the first time in years LOL! I thought I had another box in the linen closet but it was empty :(
    Loving this cooler weather Just wish we had gotten some of the rain. We are dray as a old bone.

  7. you were quite busy this week making all These different things.
    i love the dark Brown of the Bison fiber, reminds me of the warm walnut color. i suppose Spinning is another addicting Passion with endless experimentation;)
    have a great week, happy t-day!

  8. A very happy T Day to you

    I love reading about all the things you do and especially about the spinning and the beautiful wool that you produce. The pickle looks amazing and so does the soap.

    I am sure the weather doesn't really matter because you do so many interesting things

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. Wow! Your spinning really turned out well. You must be so pleased.And the alpaca is working well too. What are you going to make with the yarn?
    Cucumber relish. I must look into that as we always have so many cucumbers this time of year.
    I don't know (well, I do now) what s'mores are and I am glad to see a picture of a Graham cracker. They pop up in récipes and we have no such thing in Europe. Reading the fórums, there doesn't seem to be anything like it here. I am told that even the marshmellows are different as you can't 'roast' them, they just collapse in a puddle when heated.
    Your soaps look lovely. Coincidentally I have just this morning been to see a man in the village who makes soap in his garaje. He makes soap with pure olive oil, which, according to him is very difficult and takes months to cure. I am commissioning him to make some olive soap to take to the UK as presents. He is going to cut me 50 gram pieces. I have taken some pictures which I will post next Tuesday.
    Have a great week,
    Happy T-Day,

  10. You are so outstanding creative- I love what you have all made - amazing!
    Happy T-Day Kathy!
    oyo Susi

  11. Like Chrissie, I enjoy reading about the things you do, but I also get exhausted. ;) Don't know how you do so much, Kathy. Your spinning posts make me want to get back to it, someday!

  12. The yarn is just lovely. How does the bison yarn feel? I imagine it being quite abrasive and coarse.
    I did some canning as well...spicy green beans.
    Happy T day!

  13. GREAT BLOG YOU HAVE happy T day to you to

  14. Your post makes me look forward to fall...the wool, canning, and soap cozy and fun!

  15. I like the leaf pattern on your pottery glass. I've done soap-making in the past but nothing with patterns that pretty :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  16. We've been having some good rain too, Kathy, but it has been hot. So I'm starting to look forward to fall.

    I always have to look up words when I read your posts - lol - niddy noddy? I'm delighted to hear of your success with the bison fiber and the modified Russian support spindle, which is also easier on the hands. That's wonderful! The yarn looks terrific.

    Your glycerin soaps are beautiful and look quite luxurious.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  17. Oh My! This really is a fabulous post! Oh how I would love to run my fingers through that bison wool - it looks so soft! The other things you show remind me of my Mum - she used to make soap for gifts and I remember the things she used to pickle or make chutney from - and the smell and the wasps!!! However I have never see a s'more so Thanks for that! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  18. I know very little about spinning but like looking at the spindles. As a knitter I am always interested in yarn. What do you do with the yarn you spin? Maybe you have said in previous posts. I will try to check.


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