Monday, April 24, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

   Good morning friends,

       Please drop by our hostess Elizabeth for T Stands for Tuesday where we share a beverage and our week.

   We have had allot of rain and cooler weather here this past week. My husband's follow up doctors appointment was again cancelled (not happy about that) and rescheduled for Tuesday this week so hoping the third will be "the charm"

   Since Thursday evening we have enjoyed our Wisconsin friends. Sorry I totally forgot to take photos-too busy having fun I think.  Plus I don't use smart phones and my old camera doesn't hold a charge well so I don't think about photos like I used to.

     One evening I made sushi rolls for the first time and will definately do that again. for the sushi rice I used Pioneer Women's recipe and loved it. The comment in the recipe that said one could only make sushi rice in an actual rice cooker was wrong and had me puzzled. They have been making sushi rice for years and years and way back I really don't think they had rice cookers available lol   
    When I make most any kind of rice I always wash it-add the cold water-bring to a boil and then turn the heat off with lid on-I use an enamaled cast iron pot which helps to hold in the heat. My sushi rice was perfect.
    We also made egg rolls which did not turn out so well but we improvised in the end with corn-flour-gluten free tortilla shells instead. My friend brought gluten free wrappers cause of me-and they were just horrible-so now we know not to use those again. 
     My husband lived in Japan when he was very young and came home with a homemade spring roll wrapper recipe that is excellent-but it is an all day project so that is why we decided to go with store bought this time.
    My friend discovered that there was a local winery near us-that I never knew about. She had researched some things we could do since we had rain everyday except Sunday while they were here.
   Seven Springs Winery in Linn Creek Missouri is on a gorgeous piece of property. The land here in the ozarks is very rocky, wooded, and very very up and down in many areas-with my allergies now settling in my lower ears-wow did I ever get vertigo-bad as we drove on winding and up and down narrow roads to the winery.   We enjoyed the wine tasting (me just a little bit) and we each bought bottles of wine to take home. This would make a lovely setting for a wedding or any event. Here is a list of their wines and I see they ship as well. We bought their Blushing Springs and one other red that I don't see there on the list. 

    Sunday finally sunshine so our friends who love to golf went up towards Lake in the Ozarks and went golfing. We had some personal things we needed to do so we were both busy during the day. In the evening my friend and I prepared a fabulous grilled meal for us four and another couple-super good eats-and a total splurge for hubs and I. We don't eat out anymore so this was like going to an expensive restaurant. We grilled wild caught Argentina red shrimp, and steaks. In another grill I baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, also made a large tossed salad, more sushi, and other sides. Marie always brings down her handmade cheesecakes which are always excellent.
      I am still full from all the food lol

  For Earth Day I did my third virtual 5k walk. The actual race was on Saturday but since I knew it would be raining most of the day I did my race on Wednesday instead. I have really enjoyed these three virtual races I have done and the proceeds go to the National Parks. I get a pretty finish medal too-I also bought a couple tshirts; one for the Yellowstone race and one for the National Parks race-a nice motivater to keep walking. A friend on facebook had shared the Virtual Running Club which has been well organized. This link will take you to the list of upcoming virtual races.
   I also love that they work with charities for each race event-copied from their site: 
Each of our races has a designated charity partner. A portion of your registration fees (usually about 50% of proceeds) will be donated directly to the charity. We will cover all the processing fees. These are considered pass-through donations so they are not tax deductible. We will have a direct link to each charity if you wish to donate more.

    In today's mail I got in the two new books I ordered for gluten free bread baking and the revised edition of Ed Wood's book on sourdough Classic Sourdoughs. So I think I will read this afternoon.

   For my beverage I brewed up some ginger lemon tea hoping it will help some with my allergies.

    I picked up this lovely teapot with 4 cups at the resale shop many years ago-I really love it, and it was made in Japan.

Oh and I do have a question for all of you that are no reply bloggers-and most in the T party are-which means I can not answer your comment with an email direct to you--what I usually do is come back here and comment under yours--so my question is do you come back and read my comments to you here on my blog post-or do you just read my comment that I leave on your blog post-thanks  It just dawned on me that perhaps no one returns to read my reply--this is something mostly new to me here on blogger as most of my friends are set up so I can reply back to you with an email which makes communicating back and forth a little easier and more personal as well.

Happy T Day everyone


  1. Sounds like a fun week, Kathy! The winery looks lovely, a nice place to spend a little time. Admire you for walking to benefit such important places.

  2. Your food sounds wonderful and the photograph of your drink is special

    Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Sounds like you had fun with your friends. Sorry the spring roll wraps weren't any good. I've never had to worry about gluten free, so have no idea what to recommend.

    Your friend's cheesecakes sound wonderful, and I would LOVE to have a piece right now. I'm not a wine drinker, but the wines look interesting.

    For a bit of trivia, I used to own property at Lake of the Ozarks, but sold it when I moved to Wichita.

    Your tea and teapot are incredibly beautiful. You were lucky to have found the set, because it is in perfect condition.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us, as well as your tea for T this Tuesday. I hope your husband's appointment goes well and not canceled again.

  4. What a lovely week, sounds like you had fun with your friends! The no-reply thing on blogger is something a lot of blogspot bloggers complain about. I never go back to a blog I have left a comment on to see a response. I follow way too many to do that. Blogspot and Blogger bloggers need to set their profiles to show their emails so they can get replies. For me, I blog on Wordpress, but had to create a Blogspot blog to be able to comment at all. It is maddening.

  5. I forgot to mention that I'm a no-reply blogger, because my e-mail got hacked and spits out spam now. I won't let that happen again. It came from a blog, too, because I recognized the sender, who may also have been hacked.

    By the time I create art, which I try to do every day, or post photos from my incredibly slow internet, I don't have time to revisit blogs. I also tell people IF they have a question, I will answer it ON THEIR BLOG, because they don't have time to return to mine to see if I've answered it there. Like Carole above, I visit way too many blogs each day to return again to see if you've (the collective you, of course) left a comment.

  6. I'm all for supporting the National parks so I find those virtual races really interesting. I need to check that out. And you sure have done a bunch of cooking experiments. I've never tried Sushi or egg rolls but my father-in-law used to make the best egg rolls. better than I've ever had at a restaurant for sure. Hope its a happy T day and your husband's appointment doesn't get canceled again. Hugs-Erika

  7. Sounds like you had a fun and busy week. The tea sounds good, and your pot and cups are gorgeous. Hope all goes well with the doctor's appointment this time!Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  8. Sounds like you had nice times with your friends visiting. Good for you making sushi. I've never tried before. And congrats on your walking. We are having windy, dusty weather today so looks like I won't be able to get out there to do anything. I do like the option of replying by email. Many people reply in the comments section but I doubt very many people check back to see those replies. If someone is a no-reply blogger, then I make sure to go to their blog and leave a comment where I then also answer any question they may have asked.

  9. The food sound just fabulous. I love Sushi! Adorable little teapot! Wishing the best for hubby's appointment at the doctor!

    Happy T-Day

  10. Sounds like an eventful week. I make sushi too! I do use a rice cooker now that a friend gave me their old one. Turns out pretty good and I don't have to think about it. :)
    Happy T day!

  11. Sounds like you had a fun and eventful week. Nothing better than food and laughter spent with good friends! Love that sweet tea pot, ginger tea sounds quite nice right now.

    To answer your question about comment replies: I don't usually return to read replies to my comments, just read the comment you've left on my blog (and I do believe you've been able to leave them for me) hope this helps! I know I've visited blogs where the system requires you to register and put in your birthday, which I refuse to do. So if I didn't leave a comment, that could be why.

    Happy T day!!

  12. What a gorgeous teapot!

    If I see that the blogger replies to comments, I subscribe to the comments; and if I ask a question I subscribe to comments so I'll see the answer without the blogger having to track me down. I like conversations that evolve in comment threads. I think it builds community.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  13. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friends and I love sushi! I have a few of the Pioneer Woman's recipe books and find her recipes easy to follow and always delicious ! :-) . Your Japanese teapot and cups are such a find, they are very beautiful and I would love to try your Lemon Ginger tea! My blog is on Wordpress and if I ask a question then I'll always pop back to see the reply :-). Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J :-)

  14. I love the pioneer woman.. awesome recipes. Good luck with appointments. Happy T day!

  15. Well done you for making sushi, a special treat indeed. It's good you had such a good time with your Wichita friends.
    Congratulations for doing your 5k run (or was it a walk?) And it was for a good cause too.
    What a sweet little Japanese tea set. I can totally understand you love it so much. But I should say that I am perhaps a greedy person because a small cup like that would not be enough for me and I prefer a large mug, lol.
    As to your question, no, I don't go back as a rule. But I have a 'contact box' in the right hand column which links to my email address. Like Tammy, I normally go to someone's blog and then make a comment to which I then add my reply or a thank you.
    Happy T-Day,

  16. It was good to read your post and how you had spent the time with your friends. Its a beautiful tea pot, you were lucky to find it.
    Happy t day.
    Yvonne xx

  17. I enjoy reading about your "pioneer" life and cooking adventures. Glad you had such a fun visit with your WI friends (my home state - nice people there). The grilled meal you prepared does indeed sound like one you'd pay an arm and a leg for at a 4-star restaurant.

    I don't even know what a no-reply blogger is - lol. A lot about the internet befuddles me, but I keep trying ;-) If I see that a blogger answers her commenters, I check the "notify me" box, so I'll be alerted if she answers me.

    Elizabeth is a font of knowledge. I liked her answer and also like that she comes to my blog to answer questions or reply to my comment. As she explained it, that sounds quite efficient.

  18. Kathy... what a lovely , loong enjoyable post. :) We enjoyed the same cooler weather and rain... lovely!!! Expecting more rain tonight and tomorrow... Sounds like you had a fabulous time with your friends.... all that yummy food... you had me at cheesecake... My internet was out all morning so i'm a little late making the rounds... Not a sushi person here... I've been meaning to mention the no reply blogger thing at the T party but you beat me to it.. I don't have time to go back and read a reply to my comment... i think i have mine set up that you can reply to me by email...don't i?? Hugs! deb

  19. My, you were busy! I love Pioneer Woman. A special rice cooker, please, I just nuke my rice (-; Your teapot is very pretty. I knew Lemon Ginger tea for upset tummy, didn't know it helps allergies. I use essential oils for respitory support. (FDA compliant statement (-; ) Good luck with the appointments.

  20. this tea pot really is a Beauty!! happy belated t-day:)


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