Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

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Good morning and Happy Easter to all of you that celebrate.

We have a nice "gardener's" rain with a little bit of thunder here today-actually very nice as I am feeling tired this morning already, so I think I am going to cozy up with a book and/or lounge around today and probably fall asleep lol

From Jacquie Lawson click here for card    If you are not familiar with her cards she designs the most beautiful animated cards.


  1. Happy Easter to you, too, Kathy. I am is total awe of this Easter tree. Yes, I have friends who use Jacquie Lawson's site to send cards. They are lovely. Thanks for sharing this with us for Easter. it's a beauty. I'd give anything to be able to join you lounging around today. Hope it's as relaxing as it sounds.

  2. Thanks, Kathy, same Easter weekend and Spring wishes to you two! Rain sounds nice, we need some in the East. Our porch thermometer is pushing 90, and it's so dry. Glad you are relaxing today, same here. Been meaning to ask if you've read "The Snow Child". Not about time travel but definitely wilderness homesteading. :)

  3. I hope you're having a wonderful day. I have declared today to be a stress-free day. I haven't touched my quilting all week. Not one stitch. Guess what I am doing this afternoon? Lol

  4. We've not seen the sun around here in over a week. Hope you had a lovely Easter day. Best wishes for the new week.


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