Tuesday, April 11, 2017

T stands for Tuesday & My Week

Good morning friends,
   and Welcome to T for Tuesday where we share a post and a drink with friends. Thanks to Elizabeth for hosting-please stop by to join in or to just meet and visit everyone.

    This past week has seemed like a long one. I almost didn't post this week as I feel like I am so behind getting some things accomplished that I need to, but I have missed you all too-one is a soap order that just must get out today, and to apologize-explain why I wasn't able to visit with all of you last week.

   Very soon late Monday afternoon just after I had posted my T for Tuesday my husband had a major medical emergency. I don't want to go into all the details but he was in the hospital for a week, and came home very very depressed as there was nothing the doctors could do-"to fix" the medical problem. We see our family doctor this Thursday morning so I will have a list of questions. He is an excellent doctor and will be able to explain everything.  
   We have lived here now since the fall of 2003 (after retirement) and it has been very difficult to find good friends-those we can really love and do for each other like a family does.  Over the past couple years especially we have found two families that are indeed like family to us now-such a blessing and they helped me so much this past week.  I am not a strong driver, get lost easy even with a gps sometimes lol so they got me to the hospital that was over an hour away. 
   Hubs was doing better last night as they got him laughing and feeling better about things.  So I am thanking the Lord for bringing us such good people in our lives.

 No more sad talk this is Spring after all.  We have gotten some much needed rain, my clematis both put on a gorgeous display of huge pink blooms, the mints are popping through the dried oak leaves, the red buds and dogwoods are in bloom, and the birds are everywhere singing like a choir, along with all the pond peepers. Loving it!

     I have been reading a different genre this past week-time travel with Scottish Highlanders lol  
    Last week I had figured out how to organize my voyage kindle by putting them in categories-it took me awhile to get it all to work but this now is so much easier to find things
   While doing that I had run into an author Amy Jarecki that had written a time travel romance novel series with William Wallace when I first got my kindle a couple years ago. So I re read the first two books and discovered she had a third book-loved it better this time around. Sooo checking on amazon she has written several other Highlander series so am starting a new one this week-I am really enjoying this author she does allot of research and sticks to the facts as well as she can while turning the story into fiction. She has Scottish ancestry and in my opinion a very excellent story teller.
     I am so glad I got back into reading novels again.

I did buy two more books on Shibori and just got them in the mail yesterday-I have had the one (on the left in photo) on my favorites list for a long time hoping I could find a copy for less that $50.00  and I happened on two by the same author that were used copies for around $40.00 for the both of them shipped so am happy dancing over the two finds. I have always wanted to play around with shibori dye techniques and to read more about it's history and technique.

   I still have my Etsy shop that I started around 2008 I think it was. However I actually buy more items on Etsy than I sell but I have sold several hand dyed pieces, one art piece, vintage quilts that I would run into at the resale shops and a few supplies but nothing steady. 
     I tried a soap business using high quality melt and pour glycerin natural soap basis and have had allot of fun with it but there are sooo many others selling soap and by the time I added in the sellers fees and shipping my soap is expensive. I also really do not get paid for my time-it is pretty  much an all day project and then the wrapping and getting it in the mail.
     I do still have two customers that order from me once or twice a year but I no longer make new soaps and try to sell them.  
     Of course I went over board buying supplies at the time but I have to say I have enjoyed the process, got into learning about making my own herbal salves and balms too.        I used to "paint" with soap to bring out the design of the bars but I discovered I was not getting repeat business cause no one wanted to actually use the soap-lol They used it in their clothes drawers for the fragrance or would set the soap out to look at in guest bathrooms-geesh I told them to please use it's soap after all  oh well.
    So anyways I make the soap simpler now and when I have an order I make soap for me and gift my friends. I love the soap bases too, very creamy and nice for my skin. So I will continue to make soap for me as my skin does not like regular soaps from the store.
   Here is some of what I made yesterday. the fairies get shipped out today.

For my drink to share, I have been enjoying this red wine based beverage in the evenings which is totally delicious-I found it at the Aldi store and buy a couple bottles whenever they have it available.

Happy T Stands for Tuesday!


  1. Wish all the best for your hubby' s recovery and that they can fix the problem! Your soaps look amazing! I am sorry that you sell just a few!
    Wow those Shibori books must be interesting! Great that you found them for that low price!That drink would be mine as well, they sell something likexthis here and then at Aldi here as well!I like the one wit coconut so much!
    Happy T-DAY, all the best for you and your hubby! Great to have such goog friends!
    oxo Susi

    1. Hi Susi, thank you so much for get well wishes. yes we are so grateful for good friends.
      the shibori books were a huge savings so glad I ran into them I have been getting good deals on ebay for books as goodwill and thrift shops are now selling there and most have free shipping too.
      Oh I saw the coconut one there must try that too lol
      Happy T day-so glad you dropped by

  2. Theres Kathy!! So glad to see your post pop up.... I'll be thinking about you and your hubby.. glad that he is 'okay'....I'd like to play with soap making one day... just for myself and family gifts etc... It looks like fun. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  3. So sorry about the medical emergency this week, but it sounds as if things are on the upswing. It's a sign of spring rebirth. We are behind you in that regard, I've tried every nursery for clematis which I plan for a particular spot. No one has it yet! I notice today though that our big patch of Lily of the Valley is sprouting, Ajuga is starting to flower, Hostas are growing and Day Lilies are 6" tall. I started some craft gourd seeds indoors and just put two of them in pots outdoors. They will be fun if they actually produce gourds. Your soaps are as beautiful as ever!

  4. Sending lots of healing energy for the very best outcome for your husband Kathy!
    Lovely soaps you're making.
    Your fancy drink makes me think of a strawberry milkshake.
    Happy T Day.
    Thanks for popping by my Magpie's Nest...hope you get your wisteria in check. It grows so fast doesn't!

  5. Thinking of you and your hubby and sending best wishes that all works out well! Your soaps are so pretty, such beautiful work :-) . I'd like to try your strawberry drink - yummy! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

    1. Happy T Day! thank you for the get well wishes. the strawberry drink is very creamy and delicious so glad you stopped by hugs Kathy

  6. Sorry your hubby was ill, all the best for him and you. Love those soaps, they are just gorgeous. Glad ou have good neighbours who help you. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. Sending lots of healing thoughts for your hubby. I cannot imagine how frightening that experience must have been for you both. Glad you have kind neighbors to help you out at a time like this. I pray the doctors have the answers to get your hubby well again. Good to have books to read to take you away a bit. You are talented in so many ways. Your soaps are so pretty! That strawberry drink sounds like a dessert-yum. Happy T day!

    1. Hi Linda, thank you so much for the healing thoughts-good friends are very special, and they just came into our lives last year-so grateful for them.
      I have been using reading lately just for that purpose to take my mind away for a bit.
      the soaps are allot of fun to make and use, and make nice little gifts too.
      Happy T day-so glad you stopped by

  8. Sorry about the husband news. Its sounds terrible and hope its not as bad as my mind makes it. My husband has had health issues which is really hard. Luckily you have at least a few good friends to help you out. It is hard to find good people like that. That strawberry drink looks really good as a T day drink.:) Hugs-Erika

    1. Hi Erika, this one was and is pretty scarey we see doctor tomorrow so hoping he can let us know more what to expect. my husband has had so many health issues too-all his life so it is very hard and difficult-hugs to you
      the strawberry drink is really nice-like a milkshake almost Happy T Day

  9. So, so sorry to read about your husband's medical problems. PLEASE keep us updated on his progress.

    I love shibori dyeing. I do it often, but not with chemicals. I use inks. Some day I may revert to dyes, but I fear the chemicals and the mask you must wear. I've done it quite often and always show it on my blog.

    I have a kit of melt and pour wax, but never used it. I got it as a gift. I make mine the old fashioned way, where I add the lye to the oil and essential oils. I have to admit, yours are FAR MORE BEAUTIFUL than mine.

    Your drink looks wonderful. I also shop at Aldi, but have never seen this in mine. I must look when I go next.

    Thanks for sharing your husband's condition, your new books (a steal), your soap making, and your strawberry drink with us for T this Tuesday.

    I nearly forgot to ask, may I add your blog to my left sidebar? I will only do so if you give me permission.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, yes you are most welcome to add my blog to your sidebar.
      I will watch for your shibori dyeing projects I have yet to try this-always looked fun. I may try this with some natural dyes. perhaps even onion skins would be neat.
      I always wanted to make soap from scratch-but don't have an outside or basement kitchen to make it in-and I can be a klutz at times lol so decided the melt and pour glycerin soaps were safer for me-lol

      I will do an update on husband soon we see the doctor tomorrow. thank you for hosting-such a wonderful group of ladies-Happy T Day

  10. Sorry to read about your hubby had been in hospital. I hope all works out well for him. It was good you have good friends to help.
    Your soaps look so pretty and beautifully decorated.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

    1. Hi Yvonne, so glad you dropped by the soaps are really allot of fun to make and enjoy using them too thank you so much Happy T Day

  11. So sorry to hear that your hubby is still not well! Hope something can be done somehow! Your soaps look great!The drink looks lovely but not for me I'm afraid - it wouldn't do my sugar levels any good!!! Happy Easter and Happy T day! Chrisx

  12. Hi Kathy! I'm sorry to hear your husband had a medical emergency, and I do hope your family physician will be able to address the problem. Thank the Lord for the friends who helped you out with driving. Love the soaps. They look great.
    Hope this week is better!

  13. your soaps are really lovely...really cute little fairy! Hope your husband will get some answers and ways to cope with his condition. It seems that treatments have improved over the years so I do pray that he will get relief. Glad you have some good friends for support. happy T day ♥

  14. Very sorry to hear about your husband. I do hope you get some answers tomorrow. Very scary indeed. Your soaps are so beautiful. We are having a soap making workshop this Saturday at the garden. Looking forward to that, but hoping the weather improves. Has been hazy and blah all week. Take care of yourself. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  15. i just bought the shibori book on the right side recently and i´m looking Forward to try something soon!! i wish i could grow Indigo here, but i´m afraid i will Substitute it with store bought dyeing paints (the real Indigo is too expensive to get here). will Show on my blog if it works...
    all the best for your husband and take care!! happy easter time!

  16. Happy T Day

    I hope your husband gets well soon

    The things you have made in soap are so beautiful and would be a really nice thing to add inside a card as a little gift

    Love Chrissie xx

  17. Glad the hubby is home and hopefully the family doctor will have some good advice. I am totally late at getting around to visiting folks for "T" Day .

  18. Medical emergencies can be scary. Hope things improve quickly. I am glad the company improved your husband's spirits, as they say, laughter is the best medicine. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your lovely soaps. Nan

    1. Hello Nan, I agree good friends and laughter is good medicine. thanks for dropping by Happy T Day

  19. I hope hubby is doing better. Will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you are going to show us your Shibori creations. HAPPY SPRING to you! ALOHA!

  20. I will hold you and your husband in my heart and in my thoughts every day.

    The soap is so cute.

    And your drink made my mouth water!

    Aloha and hugs.



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