Monday, April 3, 2017

T Stands For Tuesday & Still painting

  Good morning everyone,
      Another Tuesday is upon us and for me the week flew by really fast.
      On my side bar and also this link will take you to our hostess Elizabeth for T for Tuesday. You are most welcome to visit all the artists and participants and join in with your post as well.

   I worked on painting the bathroom walls a little bit every day since last Tuesday and I put in lots of time Friday afternoon til about 10 pm and most of the day on Saturday as well. Hubs went out of town for his business for a couple days so it was my perfect opportunity to take down the temporary shower set up around the tub so I could get all that painted while he was gone.  I also needed to add the tissue paper up close to the ceiling as well in that area. and it takes me awhile to paint a room as I use a brush instead of a roller-hubs thinks I am crazy lol but I can handle that better than a roller-always have painted walls with my brush.
   I got it mostly finished except for one storage area, above the rock shower for that strip up by the ceiling, and to go over another area to touch up.
   I decided we both needed to take Sunday off which we rarely do so that was really nice-ended up visiting friends to have them invite us to stay for bbq ribs for dinner-what a nice surprise and fun afternoon-evening with friends.
          We were not expecting at all to have dinner with our friends Sunday evening other wise I would have grabbed my camera and taken a picture of my ribs and big glass of pink lemonade.

   Today the plan was to finish up all the painting-Wrong lol it all caught up with me when I got out of bed this morning. Neck, knees and painting arm are all screaming at me. I would have jumped in Monday afternoon anyways to get it finished if it were not for my neck--that is always wierd to me-the delayed pain effect lol   oh well part of getting older I am realizing.

This first photo shows the rocks: to the left by the tub and the shower-my vision was that this color on the walls would make the rocks "pop" and it does we will be sealing the rocks too when I am finished so they will look gorgeous.

(photos will enlarge even more just click on them)

This photo is of the shower

and this photo is looking through the other area of the bathroom into the tub and shower room
   You can see from the photos how the light changes the color of the paint-I also have two stains to rub into the textures as well  I am really pleased with the paint results so far.

      Soooo, it's raining again today; I decided a good day to bake up a big batch of gluten free chocolate chip cookies to keep my body moving.  
    Oh Yummy these turned out sooo good. I follow my childhood days recipe for tollhouse cookies but change the flour to Bob's Red Mill 1 for 1 gluten free flour which is my go to all purpose gf flour now, for the sugars in this one I used mostly all coconut sugar with a little bit of splenda, instead of butter I only bake with coconut oil now. I also added a couple heaping tablespoons of Hershey's dark cocoa, added cinnamon and a little bit of cake spice and for the chips I used Ghiradeli dark chocolate and white chocolate chips, and a handful of Nestle's butterscotch chips.
      I mostly use Ghiradeli chips now as they are always gluten free and I have switched to their dark chocolate chips-better quality too. Nestle's chips I have to always check for wheat added to their chips which is very annoying for me. While writing this I thought I would mention in case you do not want gmo's in your foods-the last time I bought Nestle chips I checked really well for the wheat didn't see anything but when I got home-big bummer in small print not near the ingredient list it said they had included gmo's I was not happy at all so through them out.

     I packed up a container of cookies for our Yellowstone trip and stuck them in the freezer so they are ready to grab for the trip. This batch turned out sooo good that I am going to freeze most of the rest so I don't eat too many lol

      A note about my Canon Powershot camera I was having trouble with.  
    In the end Canon was no help at all, in fact after writing to them about it within 5 minutes I got a form letter addressing the issue of the battery not holding a charge. They instructed what I could do and if that did not work I could send it in for repair but for a charge--thought that was horrible service when they know there is an issue with this model. 
     However, the Ebay seller worked with me even though it was after 3 months and allowed me to send the camera back for a full refund. Sje had sent me a replacement battery but I had the same issue-would not hold a charge.
     I was soooo thankful for her excellent customer service. She said she did have one other camera that had done the same thing. (her store is proshippers)  I promised her I would spread the good word on my social media.

      For my beverage to share for my T group I decided tonight to get out one of my teapots and enjoy some nice hot tea while watching The Voice. 
     I have collected several small tea pots that I really enjoy the beauty of and using too. I love handmade pottery dishware. The lemon balm is my own that I dried: it makes a lighter looking tea-but looks are deceiving as it brews in to a strong flavored mint with lemon-love it

and Surprise, I went out to sit with Miss Calico earlier this afternoon and look what I saw: clematis starting to bloom today and lemon balm sprouting too with all the rains and a bit of sunshine today.

  This last photo I thought got froze out but looking so much better now after all the rain.

Happy T Day everyone, I really enjoy and appreciate your visits.

Late Monday afternoon actually just a bit after I posted this my husband was helicoperted to the hospital over an hour from us so depending what happens this morning I won't get back to all of you right away


  1. Your bathroom was surely a lot of hard work, but it looks fantastic, well done. And the chocolate chip cookies look most inviting, yummy. Nice to see the flowers blooming in the garden, too. Happy T Day! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Oh, no. I hope your husband is already home by your side. I will hold and and your husband in my heart and in my thoughts.

      The rest of your post was lovely. So many great things. I'll post more later.

      Aloha and hugs.

  2. Your bath is coming along nicely, but I can relate to screaming muscles. That will definitely put a damper on any project. This is truly lovely, though.

    I was surprised the ingredients didn't mention GMO at the bottom. But I've seen them all over the place like "peanuts and flour used in this same factory" or some such nonsense and it wasn't anywhere near the ingredients OR the calories (etc). Those cookies look good to me. So glad you found ingredients you could use.

    Your clematis is beautiful, and your lemon balm looks like what I call lemon verbena. I have it everywhere in my "flower bed." It spreads as fast as mint.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful tea and adorable tea pot with us for T this Tuesday, as well as your bath update, and your clematis and lemon balm. But the best news, I think is the way you got your money back for that worthless camera. I was even luckier with mine. I just took mine back to the store and they treated me like a queen (TWICE, even).

  3. What an AMAZING inspiring post! Wonderful! Happy T-Day, oxo Susi

  4. The decorating looks fantastic and so do your wonderful cookies.

    The blue pot is amazing and I think it must feel great to pour yourself a drink from that

    Have a Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Hi Kathy! Your bathroom looks great with the new paint job, and I like the rock shower. The cookies sound delicious.
    Have a great Tuesday!

  6. Wow your bathroom is looking awesome, the wall colour looks lovely.
    The cookies you made look delicious.
    I hope you are getting over your aches and pains from the decorating. I think we all are guilty of not knowing when to stop and want to just get a little bit more completed.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Wow- you've gotten lots of painting done. I am with you. Working with a brush is so much easier than using the roller. I get more paint on me with a roller than on the walls.And a cup of tea after all that work sounds good. I like handmade pottery too. Too bad it is so expensive. Enjoy your T day. Hugs-Erika

  8. You bathroom is coming on beautifully! I really like the stone wall and the color you have chosen certainly makes it pop. Well done. Such a shame you have to pay for it in two days of aches...
    Choc chip cookie success! Keep that recipe! I often improvise and then I forgot exactly what i did and cannot replicate it. So frustrating.
    What a gorgeous clematis. I love Clematis!
    Happy T-Day,

  9. Love it all, Kathy and have learned about the resultant aches and pains of overdoing it. I want something for a particular spot in our yard in front of a trellis. Clematis may be the thing, will look it up. Happy Tuesday!

  10. what a gorgeous looking bathroom! Sounds like you could have used a warm sauna or massage after so much hard work though. Cookies look yummy. Nice gluten free recipe. Clematis-I really want to have one of those plants and perhaps I will get one for this year:) Happy T day!

  11. Sending very best wishes for your husband!
    Beautiful blue ... your hard work is paying off.
    Thank you for sharing your yummy and spring filled post.
    Happy T Day oxo

  12. Oh My Goodness Kathy! I hope your hubby is alright.. Please let us know! Your bathroom is unbelievable Kathy. I just love the rock work... not sold on the blue lol but then look at my color choices ... hubby thinks i'm crazy. :) My go to choco chips are the Ghiradeli chips too but milk chocolate.. not a fan of dark...Big happy T day Hugs! deb

  13. Sending you best wishes for your husband, I hope he is ok! Your bathroom is looking so amazing. Your little tea pot is a beautiful design and I'd love to try a cookie or maybe two ... lol ! Happy T Day! J :-)

  14. That is a very appealing tea pot. I've never seen one like it. Your clematis is a welcome development, I'm sure. Beautiful!

    Happy T Tuesday!

  15. Oh Kathy, your hubbby and you are in my prayers. (I hope it's okay to say that, but it's sincere.) What a shock!

    Your rock wall bathroom is absolutely amazing! Your cookies look delicious. You're very clever in finding tasty substitutes for things you can't or won't eat. Good for you!

    Hugs, Eileen

  16. Dear Kathy,

    Your painting is coming right along! I like the light blue. The cookies look good, too. We try to be all sugar-free, since my daughter and husband have diabetes.



    p.s. Lemon balm is up here, too!

  17. Oh Kathy! I was enjoying your post so much - your shower is looking great! So sorry to read about hubby! Hope he is Ok now! Chrisx

  18. Oh Kathy... hoping that the Hubby is doing better... what's up with all of that? The bathroom is really coming along and the cookies sound so good. I haven't made cookies in forever.


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