Thursday, October 12, 2017

Good Morning

  Good morning all,  
       I have been really feeling my age over the last few days. The weather took a dive-like a 40 degree drop so it now feels like fall and October and a little rain too which we need so much. I think that gets to our old bodies too  However by Friday we will be back up to near 90 degrees f again. Typical for Missouri though.

   Since it was so cold and my body needed a break from the work I went to town food shopping yesterday. Wow was that a big job-I hadn't shopped for over a month. So you can imagine how full my car was and I didn't even buy much meat this time-still have that in the freezers.  and like a kid I bought some of our favorite haloween candies-lol I hid half of it-just because. Neither of us need it that's for sure but it's fun.

   Once I get my bones working this morning I am going to work on the walls in my hallway today as I know the other space will be damp and cold til tomorrow or at least til this afternoon as we are to reach the 70's today. 
     I need to paint a kilnz coat over the tissue paper on the second area I had finished. The third section is all boxed up and out of there for now-but there are two stacks of very heavy tile that needs to be moved so I can work on the walls. also a cabinet that will go in the upstairs space. So progress 

   Hubs needs to call tech support today as the windows that came with my computer will not let us register it. Other than that I love my computer especially since it is quiet didn't realize how noisy my old one was.

  I miss my crafts allot as this time of the year is when I like to natural dye, make paper etc. With deer camp coming up soon I will need to wait til mid November. Time is just flying by too fast this is for sure.

Hubs is getting excited about his river float trip coming up.

Happy Thursday to you all just wanted to drop by and say hello


  1. Well hello to you too Kathy!! Oh i have just loved this burst of cooler weather we've had ... sigh.. .just what Fall is suppose to be... Did the geese fly over you??? They did us.. flock after flock after flock... It was fabulous... I had to go take a walk while they were going over so i could be a part of the This 'Fall Girl' was sooo happy.. :)

    Isn't it nice to see progress?? I think you can handle it all as long as you see progress... At least thats the way i'am.. Hubby has been so busy helping other people that we have been stuck in limbo for a while... I need him to do a few things.. then i can continue on.. I love that he helps other people its one of his endearing qualities :) I just hate to ask him to do anything when his butt is dragging in the evenings.. Well girl enjoy your warming weather.. i will be moaning about Hugs! deb

  2. I am absolutely with you about time - it is just flying by too fast! Good luck with the walls - looking foreard to see the results Kathy!
    oxo Susi

  3. You are still really bus, and I'm sure such a huge drop in the temperatures doesn't help much either. It's been cold but sunny here today, but next week it should get a bit warmer. Glad you now have all your shopping in. That river float sounds like fun! Look after yourself, hugs, Valerie

  4. What is deer camp? You sound really active and busy all the time. I like to mvoe and stay busy myself too. And grocery shopping isn't for me either. But the hubby loves it. I can't get him out of the store. :) Happy Friday-or just about. Hugs-Erika

  5. I actually prefer the cold, and am NOT looking forward to seeing summer temps again. It was 89 F here at 5 pm today and will be hotter still tomorrow.

    You are really busy. I'm with you on grocery shopping. I often dread it, and have been twice this month already and it isn't even mid-month. Today I was on a mission, though. I'm buying supplies to make lye soap. I may do that this weekend, or next, depending on the weather. I don't want to make it in 90 degree heat.

    You have really got that hallway nearly finished. Well, 2/3, at least. I would come help you, but I fear I live much too far away. Hope you are still enthused tomorrow when you look back over the progress you made today.

  6. The older we get, the faster time flies. Looking forward to your crafts again. Good morning!

  7. Thought it was going to be warmer here today but so far a no go... I'm still under the weather with this sinus infection so I guess it really doesn't matter. I need to take it easy. Will have to can another batch of tomatoes though. :( I must be getting old too cause I have had to force myself to process the garden food this year and I usually enjoy it. :(

  8. I Kathy....catching up on your blog...congrats on the new computer and house progress. FUN!
    Hey....I started a regime of Glucosamine and Chondroitin for my joint pain and it has made an amazing difference. Maybe that will help you too?


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