Saturday, February 4, 2017

Art On A Sunday

Welcome to our very first post-hoping of many-Art On A Sunday

    To join in-please on your own blog title it Art On A Sunday and blog about any artist, art, craft, craftsman you wish to post about.  Link up to my post here and in comments on this post please share the url to that blog post-(Not blog url)  and I will insert a link to your post here in my blog post. 

Featuring a Missouri artist George Caleb Bingham

      Born 1811 and died 1879 was born in Virginia, later his parents with his siblings and others moved to Missouri. They settled near the Missouri River. His parents were well educated. His father died from malaria and his family had to move and settle across from the river.
     As a youngster he was always painting something and was inspired by an artist he met at a young age that had sketched  Daniel Boone.
    I found his life history and biography very interesting. This site  and also here was very informative. The second also shares many of his paintings.

     Mr. Bingham's "bread and butter" was made from his portraits and he painted many of them. He also later studied art in Paris and painted more of Missouri life and life on the frontier. He also lived during the civil war so some paintings were inspired by that time period. He wa also involved in politics.

Self Portrait: ca 1877

self portrait

Missouri State Capitol: 1848

Missouri State Capitol 1848

Fur Traders Descending the Missouri: 1845

Fur Traders Descending the Missouri 1845

Horse Thief: 1852

Horse Thief 1852

Boatmen on the Missouri: 1846

Boatmen on the Missouri 1846

Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers Through the Cumberland Gap: 1851

Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers Through the Cumberland Gap  1851

Family Life on the Frontier: 1845

Family Life on the Frontier 1845

Landscape Rural Scene: 1845

Landscape Rural Scene 1845

The Concealed Enemy: 1845

The Concealed Enemy 1845

Many more paintings here

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Art On A Sunday New Weekly Sharing Event

Good morning everyone,  
     When I first learned about blogging when I retired back in 2003 I discovered Yahoo 360 and loved it, when that was no more my circle of friends found Multiply, when that platform was no more we all scattered to different places online and blogging has not been the same for me since. Mostly because my circle of friends found Facebook and never looked back to blogging.
   I find blogging more personal and is my life happenings shared in a journal form over on my main blog.
   I have been at Blogger for many years but the platform is not as easy to communicate with friends as it was on those other two sites. However, for what is available I find this site works the best for me.
   Back then we had lots of "day events" with large numbers of participation-Chicken Tuesdays, Herb Thursdays, Food Fridays, and Art Sundays to name my favorites. One of my most favorites was Art Sundays.

   For Art Sundays we all shared a post about art, or an artist. Or shared our own art. I learned allot from visiting the many posts and was a nice Sunday morning for me.

I would like to start that event up again-but will name it Art On A Sunday as this is a new day and a new year.

To participate just write a post on your blog and title it Art On A Sunday.  The post can feature any artist, or craftsman, or your own art. A biography of the artist with photos is always informative. Just a note it is helpful to also provide links to where the information was sourced from.

     I never could get those linky platforms to work without paying a fee so to share your blog post please in comments on my Art On A Sunday post please include the url to your blog post for that Sunday-NOT your blog url. I will then add it to the body of my post.

I  will start up the event next week Sunday February 5, 2017  Hope to see you there.