Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year-my reflections

Stopping in to wish everyone an awesome 2017

    As I approach 70 in just a couple more years-wow that is scary sounding lol-I am valuing each day more. I have always strived to accomplish something each day-but this year I will seriously continue to do that.
     More weaving, spinning, at least one quilt this coming year, a little gardening, reading-no longer feeling guilty about spending time for that-and just really take the time to take in and enjoy my surroundings that I too often take for granted-living here in the woods. Our deer visitors are back now that look for the corn I put out for them-we are up to a group of 5 to 7 now instead of just the mom and her twins of a year ago.
   I don't make promises in the beginning of the year to do things but I am seriously working on losing my extra weight this coming year which I am beginning to realize for most of us as we age just occurs but I will continue to fight that.
    I am up for jury duty from February through early May which already has me stressed out already with the chance of winter driving but hopefully that will go smooth and could turn into a new adventure.
    I will work more on tolerance and compassion for people that don't share my beliefs;for our country especially. wow this past election has really changed many people or perhaps just brought to the surface their very nasty side-we all have one for sure. I got dumped by a friend from yahoo 360 and multiply days-shocked I contacted her and asked why and she told me it was political--that is such a sad way to view life in my opinion. So instead of staying upset and taken aback-I am changing my views to try to understand as this is happening all over our nation between many.
   I have seen many elections come and go and I don't remember a time like this-such drastic view differences-mostly coming down to being independent and freedom from government interference or wanting the government to provide for you. My husband had a discussion with a 20 something person and was shocked with her views of wanting and expecting the government to take care of everything for her-free health free education and the list went on--wow she has no idea what that really means. anyways sorry I didn't mean to get into politics here at all but I think it is on all of our minds

   Happy New Year to all of you. Do you have any creative projects in mind for this new year??

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  1. Your right Kathy.... I have seen several elections too and this one is so different... and not in a good way... People just don't seem to be able to talk about it without it getting nasty.. emotions run so high...I like to keep my mind open... talk about it....even change my mind now and then when i good point is made... These days if you don't believe what they believe they don't want to talk to you...

    Anyway... deer... Our deer have never left but we were down to about 8... now this week we've been up as high as 20+!! What a sight that was! Deer everywhere... drinking , eating, playing tag, even a little buck taking advantage of the situation...lol

    I plan on making 'taking care of myself' a priority this year... daily walks...eating better...lifting some weights that i have...etc... I celebrate the big 50 this year...uuuggghhh.... its past time i start doing this.. Happy New Year Kathy

  2. Kathy, I'm amazed at the number of people that have left the bounds of honesty and will do anything to get their way. They don't even care that they are now known as dishonest and mean spirited. I fear it's going to take a very, very hard jolt to wake them up. If we don't think things through then we must learn in the school of hard knocks. Sad.

    Oh my, jury duty would stress me out just to have to do it. I've been selected a few times, but thankfully, they were rescheduled, and I didn't have to go. I've known of so many cases that were presented on the bias, when the defendant wasn't guilty at all, that I just couldn't make that determination without witnessing the crime.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks for the discount, Kathy...will take a look. Agreed, the election is out of tithe Twilight Zone. I'm more than a little scared.
    We need to keep ourselves well and enjoy the world around us in the hope something good will come from it for all peoples.
    Like jinxxxgirl, daily walks and eating well are my priorities, but not lifting weights! My next birthday will be 75, a quarter of a century beyond hers. Methinks it's not a good idea to lift weights. Just lifting the laundry basket is a challenge! Lol.

  4. Age is catching up with us isn't it :( My goal for the year is just to "BE MORE" more active, more kind, more healthy, more... I think you get the picture. Just Be More of what I can be. I haven't seen the deer here since hunting season started and the Persimmons all disappeared . I'm sure they are still around and I'm just not seeing them as much. Told Hubby I wanted to plant more Persimmon trees this year in the back as all of those have died off. Of course the squirrels will probably just eat them all. LOL!


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