Friday, January 27, 2017

Today Was For Paper Making-Photos and Updated to Show Papers Dry

   I decided today was the day for paper making. Not too difficult to dig out all my supplies and get set up. We were in the 20s most of today so didn't want to haul water from the rock setting project outdoors several times during these cold temps. So perfect day for it-and we even had sunshine.

   This batch I really wanted color, so I added lots of tissue paper to the pulp mixture this time-more than I usually do and I think it will pay off. For the rest of the pulp I save magazines like Mary Janes Farm that have lots of color pages and is printed with recycled paper. Also today paying attention to color, along with the blue tissue paper I also looked for recycled papers that had lots of blues in them, otherwise the papers are more greyish do to all the black print. 
   So I am happy with my papers. I got 13 pieces today and only had to redo one of them.  I will know the color more once dry. These also have dry botanicals that I collect in the fall, gold threads, glitters, lavender buds, marigold seeds, and I add on top of the paper those dried dyed flowers, and also this time I added a couple paper cut outs-I figure if those don't stay in after the paper dries I will still have the impression-especially that deer.
    I also wanted to mention that when I make a paper and get it set up with those thick blotting papers (see below) I use a super big and heavy dictionary to weight it down while I make the next piece of paper.
    Many instructions say to iron them til dry-I don't want to do that. Sometimes the papers come out needing to be weighted down a bit after dry-which I will do-but these are handmade "art" papers-just enjoy the process.

as always the photos will enlarge-just click on them, since there are so many I left them smaller. I use the dip in method with simple tools from Grummer  the link will take you to what I bought.  used to use old towels to soak up the water but I bought their thick papers for this, for the size of paper I am making and love them better-can be used over and over just dry them out. here  
   Making paper from recyled papers is really fun to do and makes nice paper to make cards with-they are the perfect size when folded in half-and you can purchase envelopes for them at Wal Mart-or make them which I have not attempted as of yet.   

I like to use allot of botanicals in my papers and I also like textures-so I don't blend my pulp down all the way-so some of the tissue papers especially shows up in the paper, and sometimes words will show up too. I like seed catalogs for the words.

Update January 30th
     The papers are now dry, and have been under a heavy book for a couple days to flatten them out more. Very pleased that they held the colors-each piece is different. I will be making these into cards and mailing them out 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Busy Busy-at Least my Creative Thinking Process Is and Civil War Hexagons

   I am kinda all over the place again this week-I tend to do that lol

  Last couple days I have been spending 4 hours each day putting up rocks in my bathroom wall which is going pretty well so far.

   I have my basket of civil war hexagons and fabrics, silk threads etc near the couch. Tonight I had a good night sewing up one of the rosettes. The aid of a strong clip to hold the area I am sewing is a great help. So I dug out my other basket that has the rest of the fabrics and the pattern my friend helped me plan out and I thought through that again. I found the fabrics on hand for the focal point middle blocks and will cut those out next after I sew up the next three rosettes that are ready to assemble.
    I need 50 rosettes for the quilt and then the two background colors-so will focus on the 50 rosettes first.
   I really have been wanting to make this so am just going to have the baskets in front of me and work on it. 
   Also have my weaving project to set up and weave-so if I can concentrate now on these three projects I hope to get these accomplished.
   Of course I am also anxious to spend a day making handmade papers so I can play with my new stamp and sealing was and work up several spring cards. lol
    This should all keep me busy and focused til the next creative thing pops in my head-like that other quilt I want to make.
Photos soon on my fabrics.