Friday, January 20, 2017

Feels Smells Like Spring

   After our ice storm here in the ozarks we jumped right into spring like weather. No sunshine for over a week, but we have temps in the 50s and 60s, lots of fog, birds singing, grass and weeds greening up-amazing for January I will take it over wintry weather for sure.

   Nothing too creative going on here this month. Been reading allot, and going through a big box of tax receipts. I think I have that all finished now.

   I will be getting back to the threading of my loom soon as I had taken a break with that, and I have started back on those hexagons with the civil war reproduction fabrics.
      I was talking crafts with a friend and she suggested I try using a clip to hold my pieces together while hand sewing them-to ease the pain in my left thumb area. This did improve the process quite a bit. My goal now is to see if I can sew all the flower blocks together that use the different prints and then decide what to make with them. I don't think I am up to cutting up and hand sewing several yards of background fabric into hexagons at this point in time. This is a project I wish I had started about ten years ago.
   These spring temperatures have reminded me I need to decide what seeds I need for my little garden and get them ordered. I loved the pole beans I planted last year. They produced all year up til the hard freeze.  I did collect lots of seed heads from the zinnia patch. I want to expand that area as it brought in so many beautiful butterflies and the hummingbirds loved it too. When I was collecting seeds I found a little hummingbird nest on top of the arch-cool

Hope this finds you all happy and well-what creative projects are you doing now??