Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merery Christmas Happy Holidays & My Crafts

(found this as a stock photo online)

   Merry Christmas everyone!
        Wow and Christmas Day is just a week away now. 
I have not done much at all this year-I usually make handmade papers for my Christmas cards but I did not do that this year. I decided to make papers and cards to welcome in the New Year or most likely Spring instead.
   Remember those sealing stamps and waxes?? I used to love using those back in the '60s. I decided to buy me a new stamp-lost mine over the years-which after hunting found a usa made one. and on Etsy I found handmade non toxic melting wax-so I am all set  I am excited about finding the wax and they are so beautifully made too

I think these will look lovely on my handmade papers.

   I am making progress on the threading of my weaving project-I was hoping to be finished by today but couldn't work on it a couple days do to being so dark (we have had no sun here) or to give my back a rest. I am just past the half way point though. 

   This coming week I will do some holiday baking and candy making-I enjoy doing it and reminds the two of us that it's the holidays lol  I will give allot of it away to a neighbor friend who has 2 twin teenage boys at home still. That's what happens when you are seniors with no family.  
    Very very cold here today minus 1 degree f with -15 wind chills so won't be going outdoors today except to feed the deer this afternoon.

Enjoy your holiday season!!