Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merery Christmas Happy Holidays & My Crafts

(found this as a stock photo online)

   Merry Christmas everyone!
        Wow and Christmas Day is just a week away now. 
I have not done much at all this year-I usually make handmade papers for my Christmas cards but I did not do that this year. I decided to make papers and cards to welcome in the New Year or most likely Spring instead.
   Remember those sealing stamps and waxes?? I used to love using those back in the '60s. I decided to buy me a new stamp-lost mine over the years-which after hunting found a usa made one. and on Etsy I found handmade non toxic melting wax-so I am all set  I am excited about finding the wax and they are so beautifully made too

I think these will look lovely on my handmade papers.

   I am making progress on the threading of my weaving project-I was hoping to be finished by today but couldn't work on it a couple days do to being so dark (we have had no sun here) or to give my back a rest. I am just past the half way point though. 

   This coming week I will do some holiday baking and candy making-I enjoy doing it and reminds the two of us that it's the holidays lol  I will give allot of it away to a neighbor friend who has 2 twin teenage boys at home still. That's what happens when you are seniors with no family.  
    Very very cold here today minus 1 degree f with -15 wind chills so won't be going outdoors today except to feed the deer this afternoon.

Enjoy your holiday season!!


  1. Thanks, Kathy. Cute photo! You are always coming up with something new, and usually something I haven't thought to try. Stamps and sealing wax go back generations even before there was glue to seal envelopes. Very prolific of you, and I agree they will enhance your home made papers. I'll be around but I'm taking a break from some of the crafting I love to do, mostly spinning and knitting, to benefit my hands. I'm not sure going forward just what or how much I can continue to do. It may be time to take better care, I don't want to get to the point where surgeries on both hands are Necessary. We are unsure about how to react to today's weather. We had the frigid air yesterday and it feels balmy today, pushing 60 degrees. It's cloudy and threatening to rain, but that's OK! Merry Christmas!

  2. Sealing waxes and stamps are so cool! Love that you are using them. I hope to cook a few extras this week, too. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Love the sealing wax!!! I used to us that too but have long ago lost the stamps I had. No desire at this point to replace them but you never know :) I'm still crocheting away and just when I think I'm down to the last item I find a new pattern or think of someone I had forgotten. The housework has been forgotten so I'll be spending Thursday and Friday frantically cleaning for Christmas Eve diner :-/ Looking forward to the slight warm up this week so Mini and I can take a walk again. Just too cold the past few days....BURRRRRRRRRRR...UGH!


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