Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Happy December

Welcome in December,
       Thought  I would drop in and say hello--Have not been real active with my two blogs here lately.
      Nothing new happening to write about-lol  However I did get out my adult coloring book Yellowstone Color it Wild that I bought this past summer-along with gel pencils and watercolor pencils--I am really not good with these detailed coloring books, and I loved this book so much that I thought I would not "ruin" it by coloring-but I changed my mind this week and giving it a go-kinda fun as a relaxing tool-which I love my spinning for too.
    I picked up my little spot on the floor for spinning as I finished up with the blending of odd wools I was working up and wanted to get that off the floor and get back to weaving really soon.  I really do miss the spinning though.
   Back to coloring books-do you enjoy these-do you feel intimidated by the complexity of them or is it just me that thinks some of these adult coloring pages are a bit overwhelming.

  Enjoy the upcoming Holidays and all the festivities!