Friday, November 18, 2016

Good Morning Everyone & Charm Bracelet Update

  This month just as October, is flying by for me-you too??
          I think it is because of  my trip in May next year to Yellowstone Park and the area- can't wait. Also cause the weather has been so perfect here-like early summer-it is changing fast though right now.

   Not much new here for creative projects to share. I am still set up on the floor and working on making roving on my blending board and then spinning it up on my drop spindle. This is a fun activity so work on it from time to time.  This is a great way to use up bits of fiber and commercial roving too. So I card up a batch of the romney locks and also of the unknow locks and then "play"  I am getting better at getting the roving off the blending board now-which is a fun process too.

    I have one charm bracelet pretty much finished-I needed to do allot of changes so took apart everything my designer had done and started over-it just wasn't right at all after seeing it in person. see post with photos here  when I look back on those photos I do love it but I just had more charms than I realized-and I had mentioned that to my designer several times but I don't think she grasped it either-it's all good though
    The biggest thing-I needed better quality charm bracelets and split rings instead of what she sent me. I do love one of the bracelets she sent me for the Yellowstone themed bracelet but it just was not heavy enough to handle my charms-I will use that one though for the carved wolf paw.
    I went back to the shop that has helped me so much; she is on Etsy-she deals in vintage jewelry pieces-and she helped me to find two bracelets.  She was low on the split rings and had sent me enough to get started,  so I am out of those and waiting for more to arrive along with the second bracelet-can't wait now and she said her supplier for the split rings is very slow-ugh  lol 
     Once I get those I can finish this first bracelet and start on the next one.

      So far:
          first photo: since I ended up with way too many charms for one Yellowstone bracelet I am making two, this one was inspired by the Peggy Henderson's Yellowstone time travel historical romance series-I love her books so much. This one is mostly from the first book Heart Song set around 1802. She also has a Teton Series which fits into the Yellowstone books.
          Second photo: more charms about Yellowstone but just won't fit so going on the bracelet for Yellowstone Park and area and for my trip in May. I can add more of the wrapped beads on this one too.
          Third photo: will be for the wolf paw and not sure what else I want to add. I originally purchased a couple very nice wolf charms but am going to put those on the Yellowstone bracelet so we'll see how that one develops.

   Are you all ready for Thanksgiving week??  

We have a friend driving up from the Florida Keys-wow is he going to get a shock from the wintry temperatures over the weekend here.  Him and Larry will be having fun doing "guy" stuff.  I love to cook and bake-so I will be doing that along with my crafts.

Enjoy your day everyone!!


  1. I have a buffalo and reindeer charm from my husband's days of working for the National Park Service. Everytime he was sent somewhere I haven't been, he brought me something. It's nice that your are enjoying the planning that goes into these bracelets in anticipation of your upcoming trip. Will you both be going?

  2. Wow! Thats alot of charms woman!!! But i'll bet it will be so pretty when your done.. I would be excited too if i had a Yellowstone trip planned.. :) I like doing spontaneous things but theres something to be said for a planned trip that gives you something to look forward to..

    Well theres been alot of working on the house here lately... As you can see from the latest blog post... Last couple days i've been staining and now i'm putting on a several coats of clear coat... I'm caulking the pantry and then painting it so it will be ready for the stained shelves... I've finished painting the ceiling over the front entryway.. and bought an angled brush so i can hopefully cut in the blue accent wall without too much trouble... we'll see... Then i'm going to step back and enjoy the holidays ..unpack a few boxes...decorate a little.. get ready for my daughters xmas visit.. Hope to pick up on the house again after the new year... more photos will be on the blog soon.. :)I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kathy.. Ours will be quiet...just hubs and i... but we will have all the trimmings... Hugs! deb

  3. Oh my, you have so many charms! They are gorgeous though. I think it's neat that you are making one just for Yellowstone.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. That is a LOT OF CHARMS ♥♥♥♥♥ The bracelets will be so beautiful when you are finished with them :) I am envious of your Yellowstone trip :)


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