Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Second on the 2nd

This is where on the 2nd of each month we share a past post. To join in just click on the button in right hand column. Our hostess is Bleubeard and Elizabeth

I was trying to think of dye projects I had done in the past to share-and I came upon this blog where I had shared a few things for a blog event back in 2014  click here to take you to that post-for better reading too
     The blouse I had offered in my etsy shop and surprise to me it sold right away along with three other pieces, I still have the woven shawl, I really loved the fiber art piece and it also sold I would like to make more of those. 
      That piece shown was my first attempt at a fiber art piece, I used quilted blocks that my Mom had made, my own rust dyed fabric, and I needle felted it with wool, cotton, silk noil-allot of fun. This was titled something like bear in the apple orchard. I would like to make one with bear in the pumpkin patch someday. 
   I had made a needle felted piece also with bears and lots of my hand dyed fabrics that I had framed and kept for me that I love. 
    The pokeberry yarn was gorgeous up til last year when it really faded but I will still use it someday in a woven piece.      Back when I was quilting more I dyed allot of cotton fabrics and enjoyed it allot. 
    I also really enjoyed flower pounding in the spring and would make stuffed little pillows and give them away for gifts. They will fade though as it is a stain not an actual dye-I has even mordanted the fabric first but still fading-but I really enjoyed the process.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

  I was invited by friend Tammy to participate in this event. I don't usually do these, but since this one was art and creativity related I decided it would be fun to participate in.

  Find Tammy's post here I was drawn to Tammy's blog because I enjoy her beautiful photos, crochet pieces, shared food and recipes, and also for her positive and happy posts. Tammy was tagged by her friend here which I wanted to also share-she has a beautiful post too.

    I enjoy reading blogs that inspire me, make me happy, learn new things from, and for the meaningful and caring friends I have met inside my computer. I am retired, l live very rural, don't get out much-but I can visit the world through friendships here in my blog. and I really Treasure and Love that.

We were to answer a few questions about our creative process.

How does my work differ from others?

I delve mostly into the natural fiber arts and natural dyeing. My work probably differs cause I am self taught, I do allot of recycling-quilts made from cotton shirts found at the resale shops mostly, wool, silk, and linen also found at the resale shops.
     I rarely make what is trending, I just create as I am inspired to do so. I usually have several pieces going on at the same time quilt in progress, warp on the loom, embroidery-or hand quilting, I also have a rug hooking project in the works, and ideas in my head for eco printing onto cloth, and soon a wool crazy quilt purse

Why do I write/create what I do?

Before retirement I worked very long hours-two jobs and a long commute to my main job. I did not have children to raise but I still worked at having a nice home for my husband and myself. This left very little time to create-I did do a little weaving, but not allot-was a great way to relax and de stress.
    Upon retirement in September 2003 exploring my creativity was very important to me. It makes me feel good, inspires me to learn new things, and I love the process. At this time in my life-mid 60's its important to me to keep myself inspired-and creating things does that for me.

How does my writing/creating process work?

When I am creating a fiber art piece-I do not totally plan it all out. I will have an idea-grab fabrics, needle felting supplies, and other components-and just start. The process evolves til I am finished. I worked this way when I was swapping hand made cards too. 
   When I weave I do follow a pattern, choose my yarns and weave. However, soon I plan to start weaving the soari method which is spontaneous-one just weaves and creates with no pattern in mind.
    If I make a quilt, I also go by a pattern for the most part, but I always change up the fabrics and colors, and perhaps change the borders-I am not one to purchase a kit and make something that many other people are making.
    Sometimes I will purchase a pattern that had inspired me at a quilt show event-but I always change it up-wool instead of cotton appliques as an example

Hand Dyed Eco Clothing     Silk on Silk  Woman's Blouse

Silk on silk blouse-this was allot of fun to dye  This is the first piece that when I listed it for sale, a customer fell in love with it and purchased a few weeks after it was in my shop

Autumn in the Ozarks Hand Dyed Fabric Collection 5  free shipping within USA

I like to hand dye cottons for quilters and fiber artists These are fat 1/8's

My first fiber art piece-includes rust dyed cotton, quilt squares, and lots of needle felting with silk noil and wool roving this piece has sold

Handwoven shrug with organic cotton, wool, mohair, flax  Really love this pattern, very comfy and warm to wear.

Flower Pounded Lavender Mini Pillow

A few years after we moved here I went to a quilt retreat nearby and learned about flower pounding-this was one of my first pieces I filled it with rice and dried lavender buds

Hand Dyed Lundgren 2 Ply Rug Yarn Dyed With Missouri Pokeberry

This was my first attempt with dyeing wool yarn with poke berries-so pleased with the color 

What am I working on?

Right now I am still collecting leaves for eco printing onto cloth. I enjoy finding garments at the resale shops to repurpose into something new-either by hand dyeing, transferring colors of silk ties onto silk garments, or my new found technique eco printing. I do have a scarf and a blouse in the works now.

I  have a rug hooking piece that needs to get finished this winter, I am putting a new warp onto the  loom to make a shawl with wool and alpaca for a friend, I am in the thought process now for a new fiber art piece-mixed reclaimed wools especially and needle felting with wool and silk.

 I am hand embroidering some large blocks and will sew them  into quilts with lots of autumn homespun cotton fabrics. I have two of those quilts I would like to make and will tie them up-faster way for me to get a quilt to use. I have made many quilts in the past that I gave away for soldiers returning from the war, or those needing a hug-so love quilts were made. It is now time for me to make a few quilts for us. 

I also have collected lots of beads and wool this past year to make a wool crazy quilt purse-so that will be in the works too. I am excited to start this one.

  I tell my friends-I am never bored-how could I be-always something new to learn about and to create. I do have a search tool here in my blog-just put in weaving,  quilting, crazy quilt , hand dyeing, rug hooking  etc. to find posts and more photos about my creative projects..

I have tagged three friends to continue the Around The World Blog Hop.
    Loretta has been a long time friend, she is a gardener and an artist and recently retired.  Her post is up now-link will take you there.

    Heidi has also been a long time friend of mine. Heidi loves to make things too and she loves sharing her photography. Watch for her post on November 4th

   Carol is a new friend that I found here on Blogger when this became my new primary blog a few years ago. Carol is from Missouri too, an artist, and like me makes different things,and she takes beautiful photos of her garden. Watch for her post on November 4th


  1. Tho things you crafted are all wonderful, hard to pick a fave, although that quilt is for me perhaps a tad further in front. Really lovely creations, I would like to be able to touch and feel them! Happy 2nd on the 2nd, hugs, Valerie

  2. This has been a great post to read and see your wonderful work. The silk shirt looked lovely especially with the way you had it displayed in the sunshine.
    Yvonne xx

  3. Wow, you sure have some fiber art talent Kathy. These pieces are really amazing. I am really glad you shared them with us since I haven't know you that long. I can see why they sold so quickly. Hugs-Erika

  4. I remember the first time I visited your blog was because of the silk tie dye tutorial you offered. We have such similar tastes. Although I don't work with clothing, I love to rust dye old bed sheets, use natural materials (like avocado, onion skins, grape juice, turmeric, etc) to dye fabrics, and eco dyeing. I tried dyeing wool yarn using kool-aid once, but it was so pale, I never used it. I think you and I would have a great time dyeing and laughing if we ever got together. You have created some awesome items, and that bear quilt is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing this second look with us on the 2nd. I'm very appreciative, and it makes me want to start dyeing again. BTW, have you ever sun dyed?

  5. I forgot to mention, I have flower pounded, too. My paper and fabric didn't turn out as well defined (or beautiful) as yours. I used iris petals because they are so juicy.

  6. What a great post. I live the random process of dying especially with rust and natural dyes...you just never know what you're going to get.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

  7. A renewed chance for me to say how much I lOVE your needle felted bear! It may be one of the pieces that got me interested in rust dyeing! Also the dyeing of fabrics by hand, beautiful colors!


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