Saturday, July 1, 2017

Second on the 2nd

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  I wanted to share a past post about an art journal I made-totally out of my norm-but I loved it.  I had the guidance of my online friend Shroo-whom I miss as she has not posted in over a year now, she is in England. She gave me a tutorial on how to take an old book-tear out the pages-leaving in enough paper on each page to then stitch on a new page. This was quite fun. I bought a stack of handmade papers-I hadn't start making my own papers at the time- and then used embroidery threads and ribbons etc to stitch them back into the book.  I also sewed back in some of the pages from the original book, made pockets even-I was quite proud of myself.  I am using this journal to save samples and information of my hand dyed yarns and fabrics.

and here is a link  to my second on the 2nd  this post came out a bit distorted when I brought it over-easier to read if go to the link. 
      also just a note Sir John and Izzy were a pair of Canada geese that nested in one of our ponds and returned each year til this year.

I also had made an album at that time on photobucket that shows more photos   go here  to view

Sunday, May 25, 2014

 Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Art Journal and Sir John and Izzy with Youngsters Have Left

Happy Sunday,
    This past week I have started back on my handmade journal. I had taken a break to finish up that memory quilt and then later to work on the veggie garden.
   We have had a few rainy days so good time to get back to this-as I really want to complete it.
   I have had my photobucket since yahoo 360 days but have not used it much for several years now-it has really changed allot. I used to make my own slideshows over there but could not find that feature-so if it's still there let me know where to find it please if you use them.
   I have really enjoyed this creative process. I tore out most all of the pages in the Time Life Sewing book that I picked up for this purpose. I then went through and chose colorful pages from the book to embellish and resew back into the book, I also made pockets or envelopes from these pages too. These are alternated with the handmade papers I purchased from papermaker Gayle on Etsy
   I had purchased papers from two different paper artists and their work is totally different. The papers I purchased that fit the size of this book were very thick-which I had asked for-and much more expensive so I only bought one set and it won't be enough pages for this project-so I decided to save those for a different journal-they can stand on their own with just covers-so need to learn how to sew that together.
   The papers from Gayle that I am using I had bought with another book in mind but decided I love these Time Life books better-so with these papers being a bit to short I just tore a piece in four strips to then hand sew onto the handmade papers to make the right size-adds texture and whimsey so I love it.
   I am now needing to make 8 more pages and then sew in around 16 pages, and I had left the table of contents pages in tack at back of book-so am going to sew those into more envelopes-or pockets . I will end up having over 25 pages total or around 50 if I count both sides of the pages. So plenty of room to enter in my hand dyed samples of yarns and cloth. 

  Well, I wanted to bring my photobucket album I made to here but  can't get it to work-and I did make this album public-I added the link and it still won't work-sigh  so will bring over a few photos instead

  Yesterday morning Sir John's family was in the pond closest to the house-I saw them there when I was filling up the hummingbird feeders-but later when I went outdoors they were gone. I checked all the ponds and even walked about a mile to the fence line of a neighbor that has a big pond-and still no geese-sigh-so hoping they will stop by and visit us again as I miss them already. On another note, my Mom fell again and broke her other hip-but thank goodness not as bad as the one she broke a year ago-It's just about exactly a year since her first fall and the worsening of her dementia. I hope the scientist find a remedy soon for this horrible dementia disease. 

Loving my journal so far photo 018-2.jpg Handmade paper photo 003-3.jpgI sewed back in pages from book photo 005-2.jpg Handmade paper photo 007-2.jpgHandstitched pages into book photo 008-1.jpg  photo 010-4.jpgAdded in silk ribbons,buttons, beads photo 011-3.jpg  photo 009-1.jpgMy rust dye fabric on reclaimed lining with butterflys photo 004-1.jpg More handmade papers to go into book photo 017-2.jpgMy little work space on the coffee table photo 019-1.jpg


  1. Fab post for the 2nd m on the 2nd and I love that journal. I had to re-format my re-shown post, it didn't look right either!I will post it tomorrow. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Aren't these the best fun!!! I've made a few in my time and just love the free flow of playing with a variety of materials. Right now I'm focusing on using a notebook and playing with "bullet journaling" . This will also serve at my calendar and "to do" list. See how it works to have everything together in one notebook. :)

  3. You made a gorgeous book Kathy. I love all the assorted types of paper you used- it makes your book really fun and interesting. Glad you shared it as I didn't know you then and I enjoyed seeing it. Hugs-Erika

  4. I can't believe this was your first altered book. It is fabulous. I adore the photos you shared. The paper you purchased was heavenly, and I assume you put them all to good use. I was delighted you shared this with us, and even if you couldn't bring all your photos into the blog, the link you left allowed me to see the entire album. I love the butterflies you used throughout the book, too. I can't believe you sewed all those pages in by hand. Thanks for sharing this totally AWESOME book with us for a second look on the 2nd. BTW, I hope you mother is doing well.

  5. I'm really into watching youtube videos now of journaling and mail art. Lots of creativity going on. You should really use some of your lovely handmade papers to make more journals.

  6. That must have been fun! Looks like it was a book on sewing that became much more interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    I also did a post from 2014. How time flies. I hadn't realized I had been blogging that long.
    Have a fab Sunday,

  7. Oh wow that journal is amazing - a fantastic way to assemble an Altered Book! I have to keep that in mind for making such a journal once! I do miss Shroo as well- she made such wonderful art always and I was very happy to have her often joined in at Art Journal Journey Challenge! I know about her serious psychological problems and hope that she isn't too ill - so sorry for her.
    Happy Second on the 2nd Kathy

    oxo Susi

  8. I have never seen this before and it is such an amazing idea so pleased you reposted it

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. What a fabulous altered book! Thank you for the link it was much easier to read! Hugs, Chrisx

  10. Love the crafty new book you made, and those threads are too cool. I hope you left them long. Isn't it a pain that sites change and all that work of loading photos is lost? Have a great week!


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