Friday, June 2, 2017

Second on the 2nd

Oh Wow I totally forgot about this fun event  lol until I stopped by Elizabeth's post and saw hers. I did remember yesterday but just totally forgot about it today when I was baking this morning.
   I enjoy this one so decided to still join in-although a little late. On my side bar you will see a link right to it. We share one of our past's post on the 2nd of each month.

I decided to share my post about the fabric and the bison roving I had purchased for spinning and for my quilt I want to make soon 

Here is a link to my post from last year's october post

Friday, October 14, 2016

Don't Ya Just Love Getting Fun Mail??

  Most of my fabrics for my Yellowstone inspired quilt arrived toady along with bison roving that I had found on Etsy-this bison is 100%  and soooo much nicer and half the price from what I purchased a small amount of on ebay a few months ago. She also sent me a nice sample of alpaca 70% with bison 30% roving to try. Most of  the bison I have looked at is mixed with another fiber to stretch it. I have alpaca here so I think I will be mixing the fiber I bought on ebay. This is soooo soft and bison has no lanolin so I think alpaca is a good fiber to mix it with. photos will enlarge
  and here is a link to her website I enjoyed reading about her story


  1. Bison roving is cool. Are you going to spin it into yarn? Is it soft? That you re-shared this post Kathy. Hugs-Erika

  2. I'm SO glad you posted this, Kathy, because I am really new to your blog. I am really impressed with that roving, and truly enjoyed the fun look back at the fabric you got for your Yellowstone inspired quilt. I can tell you had been planning your recent trip for a LONG time. These fabrics are beautiful and the bison roving is wonderful. I am so glad you shared this post with us for a second look on the 2nd.

  3. This looks wonderful. It's not something you can buy here in Europe, so it's exciting for me to see it. Thanks for haring! Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  4. Pleased I saw this. It is always good to find out about something new

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Your adventures to live a more basic life fascinate me, Kathy. So now your long-awaited trip to Yellowstone has come and gone but you have memories to share with all of us and bison roving to spin and tun into something wonderful and (probably) practical, which I can't wait to see. Hugs, Eileen

  6. Your fabrics are lovely and perfect to make a Yellowstone quilt, I see your post was from October - how did you get on making it? Also I didn't know about bison roving, it sounds soft and luxurious 😀. Hope you had a great weekend and enjoy your week! J 😊


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