Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Creativity Wednesdays

  Good morning everyone, Hope where you live the weather is as fabulous as it is here in Missouri. We are getting so spoiled-loving it.

    Since I just have a very few followers at this time for my new blog, and didn't get much interest from readers at my main blog I think this will be the last Creativity Wednesday for now.
     I love the idea of it but to make it more fun for everyone I need more readers that have an interest. This blog is still about sharing creativity so please feel free to add a link in comments at any time if you wish. In fact I really welcome it.

Friends Sharing:
                            Carol at SilverSpring Acres  cozy crochet

    I am still having so much fun with the blending board and getting better at it. (See my past two posts for more information about it.)
   At first I was putting too much fiber on and also not enough wool to keep it all together well, and the roving was just coming out too thick. I have a bag of unknown long wool that is really nice so am using that for the first layer now and then adding other wools for color, metallics, and the romney locks.  My spinning is finally not so bulky with the changes. Very fun indeed. I am thinking this will weave up into some saori style pillows.
   On the niddy noddy is the plain 3" romney locks spun, than the romney and unknown long wool locks spun together-which I like too and then from the blending board. photos will enlarge for better viewing.

I have myself set up on the floor in front of woodstove with a huge pillow my Mom had made probably 30 years ago-a knitted cover, old sheets on top and then all my spinning goodies--I spun quite a bit last nite while watching the cubs play. I play a little in the morning early and then in the evenings.

A friend asked for a photo of my finished country quilt, so will share that soon. The other quilt is all ready to hand sew down the binding-but right now spinning is more fun. lol

Have an awesome and creative day