Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our Creative Day Will be--- Creativity Wednesdays

   I have decided to set up a special day so we can all share our creativity-crafts-art-special recipes and more.
     Of course you are most welcome to share this event with your blog friends.

   I am choosing Wednesdays and let's call it Creativity Wednesdays. 
     Any craft or art work most welcome to share.  Even a really creative food dish or gardening outdoor projects to make would be most welcome. 
    I will set up a post with also a link to your blog posts on Wednesdays.

   I have set up a little button of sorts for Creativity Wednesdays that when you click on the photo it will take you here to this post--
    When visiting on Wednesdays after being directed to this post-just click on my blog title and it will take you to the current post.
    Welcome to our Creativity Wednesdays


Today I finished up flicking the rest of the long romney locks so my basket is full to the top and ready to spin.
   This is that romney that the tips were soooo soiled, allot of skirting, and allot of very short locks. I think after dyed the soiled tips will just add some varigated interest to the yarn.
   The rest of the washed romney I will handle with carders and make rolags. one of these preps is woolen and the other is worsted I always forget which is which-so will see how different the yarn might be in the end. (click to enlarge photo)

Just a Thought-A Day to Share Our Projects ??

  Good morning Wednesday,

Just a thought, I like to share when ever-but would any of you be interested in a day to link up and share your projects??

If so which day of the week, and any thoughts on the name we'll give it so we can share and spread the word.

Wednesdays actually seems like it might be a good option-we already have around blogger T for Tuesday and Five on Friday that I have seen.

Years ago there was Food Fridays which I really enjoyed allot that was way back on Yahoo 360, I also enjoyed Art Sundays and Chicken Tuesdays also started back on Yahoo 360    A fun way to bring people together to visit and grow our blogs.

I will search out a link gadget.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The New Jumbo Flyer Stained

  This past July at the Fiber U event in my nearby town,  along with roving, and alpaca socks, I also picked up the jumbo flyer for my Ashford Traveler wheel.

  It has been so hot and humid here that I was waiting for a dryer day. This morning early I decided to do this since we have lots of rain coming in. I had also gotten myself side tracked with my drop spindle-which I am so pleased with myself improving-finally. The one skein on the niddy noddy set up so well-I love it. This next spindle full I have the yarn even a little finer-happy dancin'

  I wanted to first make sure the maiden fit ok on my wheel and it does. My wheels are both with a dark stain so that is what I used. I did these pieces outdoors and then brought them in for safe keeping-they roll around too easily.

   The neat thing about this unit-and Ashford always builds things so well, is that I don't have to change the maiden back for the smaller flyer-they have a little piece that fits into the hole that makes it smaller for the other flyer to fit-love that!
   I really can't wait to set this up along with the new flax drive band and play with some art yarn-I think that will be allot of fun.

  I did get my quilt finished and off the frame. I need to clear floor space in order to lay this out-and work out the binding. One side has allot of excess that needs to be cut off too.  So once I get to that, I will just work up both quilts and get the bindings on.

  Busy busy with fall coming in-